Tooks Bookies Will Use for NFL Week 2

2 PPH Tools Your Online Bookies Will Use To Protect The NFL Week 2 Profits

After a wild NFL Week 1, online bookie agents will look to stem potential losses in NFL Week 2.

Mitigating losses leads to profits.

Check out 2 of the most important PPH tools bookies will use to protect NFL Week 2 profits.

PPH Tools Your Bookies Will Use

Your online bookies have multiple ways to protect, and increase their profits, especially with NFL betting in full force.

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Below are two PPH tools that your bookie is likely going to use to mitigate loss and increase profits. 

1. Layoff account

Even the most seasoned bookie had to cringe at what happened in NFL Week 1. Teams didn’t just beat other teams, they demolished other teams.

Not only did that happen, but some teams, like the Baltimore Ravens squashed their opponent as a huge favorite.

If agents hadn’t used their layoff accounts for the following games, they almost assuredly lost big bucks:

Baltimore Ravens 47 vs Buffalo Bills 3

Every wager on Baltimore vs Buffalo went to Baltimore. Per head agents that didn’t mitigate risk by using their layoff accounts fell hard because Baltimore easily covered the -7.5 spread.

Cincinnati Bengals 34 vs Indianapolis Colts 23

Here’s another game where the favorite, Cincy ended up at -1, easily covered the spread. Indy started as a -3 favorite, which means all the money went to the Bengals. Cincinnati pummeled bookies that didn’t use their layoff accounts after rallying for an 11 points win.

Jacksonville Jaguars 20 vs New York Giants 15

Nobody had money on the Giants. Everybody had money on the Jaguars. The Jaguars easily covered a -3 spread by beating the Giants by 5.

Carolina Panthers 16 vs Dallas Cowboys 8

Favored by only 3, close to 70% of sports bettors laid money on the Panthers to cover. Again, if agents didn’t use their layoff accounts, they lost money.

2. Mass editing tool to set max betting limits on money line wagers

The following teams beat their opponent straight up as big underdogs:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48 vs New Orleans Saints 40: Tampa kicked off as a +10 dog.

Kansas City Chiefs 38 vs L.A. Chargers 28: The Chiefs beat the Chargers straight up as a +3.5 dog.

New York Jets 48 vs Detroit Lions 17: The Jets dominated the Lions as a +7 dog.

If online bookies hadn’t used the mass editing tool to set max betting limits on money line wagers, they might have lost big money after the Bucs, Chiefs, and Jets won straight up as money line dogs.

Pay per head agents won’t make the same mistake in NFL Week 2 that they made in NFL Week 1.

Expect bookie agents to set max betting limits on money line bets as well as to use their layoff accounts on most every NFL Week 2 game.

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