Official Bodog Statement

The following is the official website statement found on the website about why online entertainment giant Bodog has switched to the new name.

'Why The'

' Welcome to the new (temporary) Bodog. As you may know by now, is experiencing a technical issue impacting our players' ability to access our website.

This is the result of a legal dispute over the ownership of the domain name. We are fighting this dispute. We are confident that we will win, but until all is settled, I do not want our battle to interrupt your play.

So, I present you with You won't notice very many changes: same website, same brand, same product, and same service. Just a new domain name.

We are working to resolve any remaining issues on the temporary site as soon as possible, and fully expect to have our original site back up shortly.

I sincerely apologize if you were affected by our interruption and assure you that I will update you soon.'


Calvin Ayre will be providing additional information about the Bodog name dispute as they become available.

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