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College football begins in earnest next week, so let's go there for a moment. Who are your personal favorite two teams to square off in the BCS Championship Game in January of '08?

Bodog Bookmakers, : USC and LSU are 2/1 and 8/1, respectively, to win the national title. USC will be in the title game, without a question.

John David Booty has lost his top targets to the NFL, but he’s talented enough and has numerous options in the backfield, as the Trojans have a plethora of talented running backs including freshman phenom Joe McKnight, who some have touted as "the next Reggie Bush." Their defense was stifling last season and this season they have 10 starters returning. As for LSU, the Tigers will dominate on the defensive side of the ball and the offense has enough talent to score more than the defense is likely to allow. Les Miles will have his team in position to win his first national title, but I'm sticking with USC to prevail.

And who's your Heisman winner for the '07 season?

BDB, : I haven’t decided yet; this year there are enough strong candidates that I can give you four names who could be finalists for the award. The first and obvious choice is Arkansas RB Darren McFadden, who is 3/1 to take the award. If McFadden can surpass his incredible 2006 stats where he scored 19 touchdowns and became one of two running backs in SEC history to run for 1,000 in his first two seasons (Herschel Walker was the other), he’ll be the Heisman favorite. USC's John David Booty (5/1) is the best college quarterback, playing on the best team in the nation. Provided he can stay healthy all season, he'll be one of the three Heisman finalists. The third spot should go to either Brian Brohm (3/1), who could become the frontrunner if he can get Louisville into the national title game, or Steve Slaton (9/2), who's exceptio nally talented, but could lose some votes considering he has to share the spotlight with West Virginia QB Patrick White.

Larry Johnson signed a five-year deal for big money to get back in Chiefs camp. Do you think he's going to have the down year many are predicting?

BDB, : If there is one thing you can say about LJ, it's that he's a fierce competitor. It's unlikely that he would let the extended contract negotiation period affect his game. Johnson will have his eyes on the rushing title that he feels he deserves. However, as competitive as Johnson is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does have a down year. Aside from Brian Waters, the Chiefs' offensive line is mediocre at best. Larry Johnson will have to earn every penny this year.

Finally, how much are you bidding for the 756 Barry Bonds ball that's going up for auction soon?

BDB, : I really doubt I'd bid on it, but I'm sure someone out there will pay around $400,000 for a little piece of baseball history. If I were to invest in a home run ball, I'd sooner buy the ball from Barry Bonds' final career home run, which should fetch a million dollars or more.

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