NCAA Win Totals that Matter to Bookies

NCAA Football Win Totals That Matter & 3 Tools Your Bookies Will Use

Most online bookies continue to promote action on NCAA football win totals. See below for the win totals that sports bettors should consider. We add 3 tools that bookies are most likely to use.

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NCAA Football Win Total

Check out the 3 NCAA Football Win totals that bettors should be looking at below.

Alabama – Over 11 wins -105

The under is at -125. The angle bookies use to promote wagers is this: bettors should consider going over. Alabama won 13 games last season. The lone loss was to Auburn.

That knocked Alabama out of the SEC Championship. If Alabama had lost to anybody else besides Auburn, they’d have won 14 games.

So, if Bama is destined to repeat as National Champions, there’s a good chance they go undefeated during the regular season. That’s 12 wins.

Georgia – Under 10.5 wins Even

Over 10.5 wins is at -130. Georgia won 13 games last season. This season, the Bulldogs play 13 regular season games. If they run the table, or lose only once, the wager goes over the total.

The chances of that happening are somewhat worse than -130. More like -150. That means under 10.5 might be the play. That’s the angle bookies will use to promote wagers on under 10.5 wins.

Clemson Tigers – Over 11 wins -125

Most feel the no-brainer total is Clemson over 11 wins. Under is at -105, though. Some bettors are on under the total.

Like Alabama and Georgia, online bookies are promoting Clemson game totals. Bookies will use the fairness angle, meaning that if you like over or under Clemson game totals, the price is fair.

3 Tools Bookies Will Use

All prop bets require bookies to use at least 3 tools to manage action.

Tool #1 – BetAlert tool

After promoting game total wagers, bookies will set up bet alerts. Once a bet alert pings the online bookie, the book will move to tool #2.

Tool #2 – Mass editing tool

After a bet alert pings the bookie, the bookie will use the mass editing tool to set max betting limits on game total wagers.

Tool #3 – Payment Solutions tool (after the season concludes) has a brand new payment solutions tool that allows online bookies to send payouts and receive deposits via cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies provide advantages to both players and bookies.

Using the tool to make payouts and accept deposits helps bookies manage their sportsbooks.

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