How to bet College Football Spreads

how to bet college football point spreads

(The Spread) - Seldom do we find casual football fans that know how to bet College Football Point Spreads.

For the most part they seem to be passionate about a specific school based on their location or because the interested party attended the college. Old Joe-Blow from Birmingham might have never finished sixth grade but by-golly, he knows everything about Alabama Crimson Tide football. Old Joe feels he knows so much about Alabama he might want to throw a few hard earned dollars on his team. Odds makers are aware of this and love bettors playing the favorites. Let's throw old Joe in a group of gamblers we call - the public player.

The next type of bettor is a player who has no loyalties or is able to put fanaticism aside. I would like to think I fall into this category. I have moved from the public group as a young fan to a group we call "the sharps" as I matured. While public players seem to lean "favorite", sharps like to fade favorites. Odds makers attempt to set lines, or College Football Point Spreads, to draw 50/50 interest. If 50% of bettors take one side then the other 50% went the other way. Books make lots of money on fees that way.  Now I'm assuming you know, if you lose your bet, you not only lose the money you lay but also the fee. Another word you will see referring to the fee is - juice. Juice is the money books charge to take your bet. You get it back if you win your bet.

Just because I am a sharp doesn't mean I don't on occasion bet like a public player. I do this because I do have my favorite school and it's fun having financial interest on my team. I never bet my team to lose but on occasion don't buy the point spread either.

As a public player, you will fare well if you get balance of knowledge on all the leagues not just the powerful BCS six. Check out the Sun Belt, MAC and WAC. There is plenty of money to be made wagering these leagues. I especially enjoy wagering these guys early in the season when playing bigger schools. More often than not, odds makers "OVER LINE" the favorite when setting the College Football Spreads.

I am looking forward to 2012 because I believe overall; the leagues will be more balanced. It should be fun.

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