NFL Pre-Season Week 1

This time of year requires 110% effort and attention, there's simply no time or room for much else, I'll still have the odd baseball play when a situation arises but nothing else, say women's basketball for example, wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole right now, too much on my plate.

College football releases will have to wait for at least another week or three, look for the odd free opinion but nothing more, not right away anyway. I'm not going to concern myself with self serving titles such as The King of the NFL, hell I'm barely the King of my Castle when the wife isn't home. My calls need no titles, either it's something you can wager on with confidence or it's not, in short I'll leave the flash and self promoting jargon for the fellas that need to promote that way, I'm too old too worry about how I look, my only concern at this point is delivering winners!

Delivering a winning card doesn't just happen, you can run systems, follow trends, ask your sister who has the prettiest jerseys and you'll probably wind up with similar results, 50/50 at best with some weeks doing better than others! Better off flipping coins all season in my books. A winning season is all about hard work and determination, hard work that I'm not afraid to share with my friends, that's why every play I release on the gridiron you can wager on with confidence! Confidence knowing that this old bird has spent sleepless nights putting your card together and I don't release anything until I am 100% satisfied that it's a winner! Old school handicapping just one of the things that separates me from the so called "tout services", if you're playing along on my program you know why, you know what to expect, you know for a god given fact why this old bastard has given the thumbs up and you have the comfort in the knowledge that I'm wagering along with you, not just sending you out on your own with some plays I picked up off my sister or like that Brandon Lang loser in the show "2 for the Money" who let the hired help flip coins for winners!

I take great pride in my card and for those of you new to this page, the industry or are just looking to place a smaller wager you can find a free one at the bottom of this page that goes Saturday, for those of you looking to get your hands on my premium program just let me say I have never been more confident than I am this season! Some say I have the gridiron in my veins, I've been handicapping the NFL longer than some of my clients have been alive and take great pride in saying that the NFL has always, that's right always proved to be the most profitable card of all sports, in 1999 I opened up with an 82% preseason and finished the year off of regular season with a 72% average. Even I have my ups and downs but you can bet a guy that wins an average of over 7 games for every 3 he misses is doing something right!

Enough rambling already, I'm worse than an old woman sometimes once I get rolling so lets get back to what we're all here for, this weeks NFL preseason. If you're like me you probably watched as many practice reports, injury reports, camp updates, coach interviews and tidbits as you could on live broadcast and taped even more. This is important in determining what's going to happen this week, of course we'll see some starters this week but don't expect to see them for much more than a quarter, some just a set of downs and they'll be sidelined! Things will be left up to the back ups and those looking for work to carry the load. Some people are puzzled when Team "A" decides not to play Marquee Player "B", scratch their heads when a millionaire Quarterback makes his walk onto the field almost as quickly as off. This isn't news, this isn't hard to figure out, it certainly isn't unexpected to me or other experienced handicappers, one needs to look no further than last years preseason to know this was coming and it's important stuff to know too! We'll talk about that more in depth another time, I'm rambling again!

I have three games going this week, the first kicks Thursday and my handicap is going to knock you off your feet, so please make sure you're sitting down for it. The sound reasoning behind this call will convince you that this is a game that seriously demands a lot of attention even if it's not getting it from mainstream handicappers, my job isn't to play on what's popular but rather what holds the most value! This line is a complete joke and you won't hear me talking like that very often but in this case I do have to say that we are going to smoke it like a three dollar cigar! Don't take chances this Friday with someone who doesn't fully understand preseason NFL! I will never leave you out there like that, I've been busting my hump for weeks on these three calls and it all comes together Friday with the kick-off of my first premium selection!

My first Thursday game is an absolute must for anyone who plays along, watch this game unfold folks and you'll see for yourself just what a mis-match we've got on our hands! Now I don't want to tip my hand on this one (some of you know me too well) so I'm just going to keep quiet and let my call explain this one, don't let my lack of "promotions" deter you from hitting this one like a red headed step-child either, you'll understand better once you've made your wager and watched this one unfold, it's great and you can bet next week this team will have a price on them we probably won't be able to afford to play on! Hit it while the price is right!

On Saturday it's the Chiefs and Browns that has really gotten my attention! I guarantee that some of you are not going to be ready for this one, some of my long time clients are going to wonder if I've completely gone off the deep end with this call but I assure you I have not. Things aren't always what they seem in this league what's up one week in preseason may be down the next, then again maybe not. Confused yet? Not after you watch this one unfold! It's almost mind boggling the twists and turns the stories of preseason can take throughout the years but only those caught up in the illusion of "easy money" and "lines off by double digit" wind up in trouble. Join me and see what real life handicapping is all about. Find out how real life practice reports and training camp feedback can make or break a game.

This weeks card is based on real time handicapping, handicapping I'm happy to share with you, the informed player. Old School Handicapping is the only of knowing if your service has done his homework, anything less is a slap in the face! This 3-0 card gets underway Thursday and comes to a conclusion Saturday!

Also check back in on Saturday for a lookahead to the Sunday and Monday games later this week. I don't move as fast as I used to, so I have to break my work week up into two halves.

by: Ron McCoy - - Email Us

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