5 NFL Prop Bets Bookies Will Promote

5 NFL Prop Bets Your Bookies Are Going To Promote In Their Sportsbooks

Online bookies love to promote NFL prop bets. The reason is that most prop bets are difficult to hit.

Check out 5 NFL Prop Bets that bookies are going to promote in their sportsbooks.

5 NFL Prop Bets Online Bookies Will Promote

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First Head Coach to Be Fired

Hugh Jackson is a +321 favorite. Jackson, the Cleveland Browns coach, has the best team he’s ever had in Cleveland. No excuses, right?

Tampa Bay coach Dirk Koetter is the second choice at +419. The third choice is Denver Broncos coach Vance Joseph at +558.

Although sports bettors might care about the odds, online bookies won’t care at all. The reason is because they’ll have max betting limits in place and the truth is that nobody knows for sure which coach will be fired first.

2018 NFL Regular Season MVP

It’s almost a guarantee that a quarterback will win the NFL MVP. The top 3 choices are Tom Brady +500, Aaron Rodgers +525, and Carson Wentz +800. Drew Brees offers +1300 odds.

More than likely, bookies will allow as many wagers on Brady as possible. It’s rare that a player wins back-to-back NFL MVP Awards.

Bettors should expect strong max betting limits on Wentz and Brees. Both could win the award. This is especially true for Wentz who might have won the award last season if he hadn’t gotten injured.

2018 NFL Defensive Player of the Year

This might be the most promoted NFL prop bet of the year. The favorite, JJ Watt at +600, hasn’t come close to being the dominant defender he was 3 years ago.

Aaron Donald, Joey Bosa, and Khalil Mack are all at +650. Does anyone know for sure which of the 3 will most likely win the award? Nope.

Neither do bookies, but they won’t care. They might allow as many wagers as possible on the favorite, Watt, to go through their sportsbooks.

2018 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

There’s no reason to even list out the odds. Sure, Bradley Chubb is a +410 favorite, but the chances of Chubb are much greater than plus +410.

No matter the player, no matter the odds, the chances of a bettor scoring with this NFL Prop is ultra-difficult. Risk averse bookies will set max betting limits. Those who don’t mind risk won’t.

Quarterback with Most Passing Yards in 2018

Here’s another prop where a couple of false favorites appear to exist. Tom Brady and Drew Brees are the two favorites.

Yet, Brees plays for the Saints, a run first team, while Brady plays for a team that most likely will try to run the ball more this season.

Again, online bookies might set max betting limits. Or, they might allow money on this NFL prop to ride.

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