A-Rod vs. Bonds

Only Barry Bonds could pull off a feat so spectacular.

Bonds is such a weasel, such an arrogant jerk, that he's made Alex Rodriguez fans of us all. A-Rod eclipsed the career 500-homer plateau this weekend, a great accomplishment, but one that probably wouldn't have been so heavily covered and commented upon without Bonds's own death march to 755.

It's as though the sports world can't bear to live with the farce of Bonds's steroid-addled excellence without counterbalancing it with the possibility that all his records will be wiped out in a few years by a certain Yankee third baseman.

Let's face it: A-Rod isn't a particularly likeable guy. His personal grooming is too detailed. His on-field girl-slap of Bronson Arroyo was lame. Yelling at that poor Toronto Blue Jays third baseman was mean. And he just tries way too hard to be understood by the media and (by extension) the public. He's not clutch, so he's not Derek Jeter. And he's never won a thing.

But next to Bonds? Rodriguez is Mother Bleepin' Teresa. He doesn't have the swollen cranium of a performance-enhancing-substance abuser. He's not a freakish bodybuilder type. His name hasn't ever been linked with the Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi scandals. And he just turned 32. He's the youngest man in baseball history to reach the half-millennium mark, and there's very little indication he's slowing down. (Just don't expect him to hit the next 255 in October.)

So A-Rod, baseball turns its lonely eyes to you, woo-woo-woo. You are the lesser of two evils, so if you average around 40 dingers over the next six seasons, you'll get near Bonds, and I'll bet just about anything Hank Aaron will follow you around the country. Anything to wipe San Francisco's fraud out of the record books.
by: Staci Richards - theSpread.com - Email Us

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