Betting: 3 Things Asia Does Differently

Sports Betting Across the Borders: 3 Things Asia Does Differently

The Asian sports betting industry generates billions of dollars every year. Due to the massive bet sizes and competitive pricing, masses of people are flocking towards it, all while hungering for big-time winnings and the kind of thrill that’s impossible to get anywhere else.

Indeed, there are plenty of reasons for westerners to give Asian sports betting a shot. Are you already familiar with all the differences we’re about to unveil?

1. Cheaper margins

Compared to what’s the norm in the western parts of the world, Asian bookmakers tend to have smaller margins. In the end, the less you give to them, the more there is to put in your own pocket. Even though one might make the argument that the difference is not significant when looking at a single bet, do bear in mind that this quickly adds up over the long-haul.

2. Different betting options

If you’re growing tired of the betting options available to you back home, you will love the opportunity to try out the Asian Handicap Betting. Due to the fact it effectively eliminates the ‘draw’ outcome in a sports match, this betting option is becoming increasingly more popular among the western bettors. Football is the main sport this applies to, but NHL and hockey are no exception either.

The core of its design is to balance the odds as much as possible and structure them around a 50-50 outcome. In the field of sports betting, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities, all while ensuring a certain balance between two opposing teams that have a completely different skill level. In general, those who love to place big bets will love Asian Handicap Betting, as it allows for generous bet sizes.

3. Varying regulations

Not all Asian sports betting is created equal. Although the bookies are gradually opening up to the western clientele in general, certain Asian countries still place a lot of restrictions regarding what you can actually bet on. For example, Thailand frowns on most forms of gambling, with the National Lottery and betting on horse racing being the only exceptions.

That being said, not all Asian countries are as strict, so let’s take a look at the main options you should consider:

- Macau. When it comes to Asian sports betting, Macau is the go-to destination to have in mind. The regulations regarding gambling are pretty lenient and many consider it a center of entertainment. If you happen to be in the area, visiting one of their luxury casinos is worth it just for the experience alone, even if sports betting is the focal point of your interests. In case you’d like to keep your betting activities online (we all know how awesome it is to be betting from the comfort of your chair), there is no regulation that would prevent it, so feel free to let it rip!

- Singapore. Recently, there have been changes in the way Singapore treats gambling. Most notably, the Remote Gambling Act is a shining example of this. To avoid having to recite the entire thing, let’s just say that local non-profit operators are allowed to offer their services without issues. Although the government still has a firm grip over the hows and the whys, gambling in Singapore is legal and you’re free to explore its joys however you please.

city asia photo01

While you’re visiting Asia to place a bet, don’t forget to feast your eyes on the fascinating modern architecture and the pristine seas.

- China. This is a tricky beast, but if you know what to look out for, gambling and sports betting in China can be both a joyful experience as well as a financially-rewarding one. Although most Chinese online betting sites are illegal, the government is not doing a good job at enforcing the rules and tracking them down. The Chinese Sports Lottery is the only big name there and it controls the entire sports betting market. Luckily, there’s still plenty of ways to roll the dice, with poker, slots, and lottery being only a couple of examples. But yes, sports betting is covered, so great news!

- Malaysia. Since the country has almost two thirds of Muslim population, certain Muslim rules and core values have to be respected. Unfortunately, one of them is the no-gambling rule, which applies to regular tourists as well. So with land-based providers being out of the question, what is left for the thrill-seeking gambling enthusiast? The answer is simple – online bookies and casinos. Apart from the typical poker, casino, and roulette variants, there are also plenty of sports betting options to indulge in. And the best part? There is no need to travel to the other side of the world to participate either – all you really need is a laptop or smart device with a working internet connection.

- Philippines. If you’re on the lookout for a gambling thrill in Asia, Philippines is a tried-and-true destination, as gambling is deeply rooted in their culture, although the government may have a different view in certain instances. But since there are no laws that would prohibit it, you are unlikely to run into problems. If you’d prefer to stay on the safe side, be on the lookout for the services provided by the Amusement and Gaming Corporation, the only state-authorized operator in the country.

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