NFL Sportsbook Season Predictions

NFL Sportsbook Predictions & How Well Your Online Bookie Do This Season

Shortly, the NFL Regular Season kicks it into high gear. For most online bookies, the NFL is when they make the most revenue of the year.

What are some NFL sportsbook predictions for this coming season? Also, how well will your online bookie do this season?

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The following are game total projections for the NFL. The key is to understand what bookies are most likely to do to stem losses on game total projections.

Houston Texans Over 8.5

Over 8.5 has gotten hot. It’s now at -160. Some bookmakers will start taking Houston Texans’ game totals off the board. The reason is that Houston is looking more and more like a 9 win team.

Arizona Cardinals Over 5.5

Over is also hot on the Cardinals. The odds have climbed to Arizona -150 to win at least 6 games this season. Arizona plays in the relatively mediocre NFC West where Seattle and San Francisco most definitely don’t have a huge advantage over the Cardinals.

Again, some online bookies will take the Arizona Cardinals’ total games wager off the board.

Cleveland Browns Over 5.5

Action has also been heavy on the Cleveland Browns over 5.5 games total. The line is now at -145 on the Browns to win at least 6 games. Cleveland should be one of the most improved teams in the NFL this season.

If sports bettors agree, they must jump on over the total today. The reason? NFL online bookies will take wagering on over the Browns at 5.5 games off the board.

There’s no rule that says individual bookies must offer wagering on every single game total prop bet.

Buffalo Bills Under 6.5

This odds on Buffalo under 6.5 has gone all the way to -190. The Bills are only expected to win 6 games this season. This might be the one NFL game total where bookies will look to score.

Bookmakers that have handicapped the Bills know that they were a playoff team last season and should have a better offense and better defense. 7 wins is a real possibility.

That means some bookies will allow dollars on under 6.5 to ride.

Now, let’s think about how well online bookies, overall, will do this season. Week 1 in the NFL is the beginning of a long Christmas for most bookies. The reason is that the NFL is one of the few sports where casual bettors bet almost as much as pro players.

How much will online bookies make this NFL Season?

The answer is a lot. At least 60% of their revenue is likely to come from NFL betting. 

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