How Bookies view AL & NL Pennant Odds

AL & NL Pennant Odds & How Bookies Will Ensure Profit

The American League Pennant and National League Pennant races are about to heat up. After the MLB All-Star Game is when things get exciting for online bookies.

Sports bettors should expect plenty of marketing materials and AL & NL Pennant odds to come their way.

How will bookies ensure profits?

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Let’s take a look at a few of the AL & NL Pennant odds. Then, let’s discuss what online bookies will do to ensure they make profit off both pennant races.

AL Pennant Odds

Houston Astros +220

Boston Red Sox +235

New York Yankees +275

Cleveland Indians +550

The biggest movement is on the Cleveland Indians who just last week were at around +700 to win the 2018 World Series. The reason is that Cleveland split a 4-game series with the Yankees before the All-Star Game.

Not only that, but Cleveland’s got a fairly comfortable lead in the AL Central Division.

That means Cleveland is assured a spot in the AL Playoffs. How will online bookies handle action on the Tribe?

They’ll set max betting limits.

The reason is that +550 is close to double the odds on the Yankees. The biggest threat to profits is Cleveland.

Bookies will play it that way.

NL Pennant Odds

Chicago Cubs +333

L.A. Dodgers +400

Atlanta Braves +650

Philadelphia Phillies +650

Milwaukee Brewers +700

Washington Nationals +700

Arizona Diamondbacks +850

Looking at the NL Pennant odds, the Cubs are favored over the Dodgers, Braves, Phillies, Brewers, Nationals, and D’Backs.

It’s fair to say that the National League is way more wide open then the American League.

Online bookies will set max betting limits on the teams listed above. The max betting limits they set to ensure profit will be dependent on what’s already occurred in their sportsbooks.

For example, if too much action has landed on the Cubs to win the pennant at +330, online bookies might set a schedule limit override on Cubs betting before sending out a marketing material about the NL Pennant odds.

They might even take Chicago off the board if too much action has already landed on the Cubs.

Max betting limits will be placed on the NL Pennant wager as a whole. No team above offers less than +300 odds. A 3 to 1 payout could add up to significant dollars being lost.

Understanding the AL & NL Pennant odds is only half of what online bookies do, they have to know what to do with those odds in order to mitigate risk and increase profit.

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