QBs Who Need to Improve Draft Stock

3 Quarterbacks from the 2019 Draft Who Need To Improve Their Game

The 2019 Draft for the NFL is out and some of the best college players have been shortlisted for the coming year’s games. However, before the season begins, there are several flaws which footballers need to correct.

Looking how the game has grown big in the recent years, especially the betting scene around it, here are 3 players that you should be wary of. To further your betting prospects, you can access this site for accurate NFL Odds. It's never the best idea to rely purely on the odds given by professionals as so much of sports betting is about your own knowledge and, effectively, coming up tops against the odds. Still, knowing as much as possible is crucial and balancing your own knowledge and your own gut beliefs with hard and fast odds is the best way to ensure coming out on top.

Ryan Finley, NC State

Ryan is good at pre-snap, which allows him to gauge the scope of the field where he can toss the football, but he is not equally good with his reads. He is able to thrive in the faster games and makes a good shot when he gets the clear ground, but after covering his first read, his anxiety is clearly visible.

Finley also shows some sharp pocket moves, but here again abandons the pocket very soon, which is a cause for caution for most of the quarterbacks. In usual plays, his accuracy with the ball arrangement is not much of an issue. However, his throwing style makes it tough to catch the football. Apart from this, he needs to work on his speed while moving in between the targets, especially the second and the third.

Jarrett Stidham, Auburn

Stidham’s gaming style fits into the option-based offense which plays out well for him at the professional level, in light of the undeniably famous RPOs in the NFL. Most of his calls in the last season cannot be disputed and he has managed a decent arm work with a good amount of accuracy.

However, to enter into the top-tier, he needs to improve two areas – footwork and processing. Reeling under pressure, many of his throws seemed like easy grabs and he was luck with his receivers. As he moves in the NFL, Jarrett needs to put effort into his launches. He may not be among the best readers in the team, but under the guidance of Gus Malzahn, he can be counted upon to improve.

Justin Herbert, Oregon

One can easily distinguish between the quarterbacks without even looking at their throws. Many of them who are not good at their job are always seen to be wretched under strain. They become all anxious and in some cases even drop their head in their pockets. The better ones in the lot remain calm and composed and drift away from the defenders. They make sure to landscape the field effectively and have enough space for a perfect throw.

Herbert is anything but an awful quarterback, as he was able to tackle the oncoming pressure and routinely kept his head up during the play. However, in 2017, he tended to float directly into defending linemen and linebackers, which prompted numerous sacks.

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