NFL Win Total Odds

The 2008-2009 NFL Regular Season is quickly approaching and with that, oddsmakers from online sports book SBG Global have listed over/under regular season totals for all 32 teams.

Bet NFL Regular Season Over/Under Win Totals

How to bet Regular Season Over/Under Win Totals

Before the start of the regular season, oddsmakers establish over/under totals for each of the 32 NFL teams. The totals are reflected by just one number, which signifies how many total wins oddsmakers have set for each team. Bettors then make a wager on if they think that team will win more (over) games than the total oddsmakers have set, or less (under) games than the total oddsmakers have set.

For example, the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants were given a regular season win total of 8.5. Therefore, oddsmakers have set the Giants’ over/under win total at 8.5 games. Josh thinks the G-Men are set for another great season and believes they’ll win at least 10 games like they did in 2007. So he would then make a bet on the over 8.5.

In another example, oddsmakers have set the over/under regular season win total for the Green Bay Packers at 8. John thinks there is no way the Packers will win more than 7 games without Brett Favre, so he makes a wager on the under 8.

Taking a Look at the Odds

As previously mentioned, the defending champion New York Giants were given a regular season win total of 8.5, which means oddsmakers don’t believe they’ll be as successful in 2008 as they were in 2009. On the other hand, oddsmakers love the defending AFC Champion New England Patriots and have set their win total at 12.5.

Clearly oddsmakers feel that the Colts (11), Chargers (10.5), Cowboys (10.5) and Jaguars (10) are all expected to have great seasons and thus their over/under win totals were set high.

It’s easy to dismiss teams with low over/under win totals because they’re projected to be terrible in 2008. But one thing to keep in mind is that there are 16 games in an NFL Regular Season and there are always surprise teams every year. So teams like the Falcons (4.5), Dolphins (5.5) and Raiders (6) shouldn’t be overlooked, because they might make great value bets. 

Below are over/under regular season win totals for all 32 teams.

2008-2009 NFL Regular Season Team Over/Under Win Totals

Arizona Cardinals o/u 7.5

Atlanta Falcons o/u 4.5

Baltimore Ravens o/u 6

Buffalo Bills o/u 7.5

Carolina Panthers o/u 7.5

Chicago Bears o/u 8

Cincinnati Bengals o/u 8

Cleveland Browns o/u 8

Dallas Cowboys o/u 10.5

Denver Broncos o/u 7.5

Detroit Lions o/u 6.5

Green Bay Packers o/u 8

Houston Texans o/u 7.5

Indianapolis Colts o/u 11

Jacksonville Jaguars o/u 10

Kansas City Chiefs o/u 6

Miami Dolphins o/u 5.5

Minnesota Vikings o/u 8.5

New England Patriots o/u 12.5

New Orleans Saints o/u 8.5

New York Giants o/u 8.5

New York Jets o/u 7.5

Oakland Raiders o/u 6

Philadelphia Eagles o/u 8.5

Pittsburgh Steelers o/u 9

San Diego Chargers o/u 10.5

San Francisco 49ers o/u 6.5

Seattle Seahawks o/u 8.5

St. Louis rams o/u 6.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers o/u 8

Tennessee Titans o/u 8

Washington Redskins o/u 7.5

Bet NFL Regular Season Over/Under Win Totals

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