How Bookies Try to Get you to Bet MLB

How Do Online Bookies Get You Betting on Baseball and the MLB?

Online bookies are adept at getting sports bettors to play what they want sports bettors to play. Right now, at the beginning of July, online bookies want sports bettors to play baseball.

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How Online Bookies Increase MLB Betting

There are several ways bookies get players to bet on baseball. The reason all the ways listed here are effective is because players that wager on baseball can make nice scores.

That means all online bookies must do is be honest.

Bookies Promote How Easy it is to Handicap Baseball Games

The first way bookies get players to bet on MLB games is to discuss how much easier it is to handicap MLB games than it is to handicap NBA or NFL games. MLB games handicapping starts with pitchers.

It then moves to bullpens and then finally hitters. The same starting point means that players can get a better handle on how a game might unfold than if they were to try and predict an NFL game.

Bookies Promote Baseball Betting Choices

Most every MLB team plays every day. It’s rare that a team takes a day off. This means that on most days there are at least 12 different baseball games for players to choose to bet. That’s enough choices for the most hardened football fan to look to bet on baseball.

Why? More choices means a better chance of making a winning wager.

Bookies Promote Baseball Betting by Offering Promoted Parlays

Online bookies are great at offering hard to hit parlays. These promoted parlays, during the summer at least, include baseball games.

There are so many choices for bookies to put into their promoted parlays that they often include one or two almost impossible to hit games.

However, players still bet on the promoted parlays.

Why? The incentive almost requires at least a small wager. Most bookie promoted parlays offer higher odds than what players normally receive from their promoted parlays.

The higher odds make it worth it for players to bet. There are other ways online bookies promote MLB betting.

Bookies use television listings to drum up interest on nationally televised games. They might even run weekly MLB contests.

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