Six Tips & Tactics for 2020 Sports Betting

Six Tips for Sports Betting in 2020—New Tactics

You’ve heard countless stories of how people made millions betting on sports. But you tried their tactics and failed. What should you do? What tips can you follow to win sports bets consistently?

Start by choosing a sport. It's a cliché. But you've got to start somewhere. So, select your favorite game and learn all you can about it. Many successful punters don’t gamble on everything. They specialize in something.

With that in mind, below is a list of some new tactics that can save you time and increase your ROI as a sports bettor.

Focus on the Odds, not the Teams

Perhaps the biggest mistake sports bettors make is to select betting markets based on the popularity of a team. Let’s say Barcelona has a game against Espanyol. But on the other side, there’s a derby between Westham and Crystal Palace.

Many people will focus on the Barcelona game because it’s a big club. When it comes to betting, though, the focus should always lie on what odds give you the most money. How much can you make from a bet?

If Barcelona has odds 1.20 to win, while both Westham and Palace have odds 2.0 or higher, you should focus on the latter. The London derby attracts a 100% profit, whereas the Laliga giant will earn you 20%.

Crucially, value bets don’t exist solely in the confines of match winners. Totals, both teams to score, props, and correct scores, can also help you discover undervalued predictions. And these are the wagers you ought to make to maximize your profits.

Bet on the Best Sports Book

This is a tip some people tend to ignore. But it is now crucial more than ever before. Here’s why. There are hundreds of betting sites fighting to get your attention. Each company will accept you in a heartbeat.

However, not all sportsbooks are created equal. Some companies give you better odds than others. That leads to more profits for you, which is what you’re after. Crucially, some bookmakers have lower transaction fees and bettor customer service. These benefits translate to a more delightful experience.

Of course, the main point of finding a reliable bookmaker is to increase your margins. It is also the reason some experts want you to use several bookies. That way, you can easily compare their odds before placing your bets.

Find a Reliable Tipster

Tipsters are people whose job is to predict match outcomes. A majority of them do it through websites and don’t charge fees. But a few people who claim to have a win rate of 80% or more might charge a fee.

Should you pay for tips? First, read a guide to sports betting and place a few wagers on your own. Research, analyze stats, read the news, and make predictions for a while to determine whether you're great or poor at predictions.

If you discover you losing more than you win, use a tipster to compare your predictions. There could be information you fail to use that makes the difference. Or you could find a genuinely skilled tipster with a profitable win-rate.

Depending on how accurate their tips are, you can decide whether to subscribe to premium offers or use their free services. In many cases, you can make profits by following free tips. But it works better if you also know how to bet smartly.

Use Facts not Emotions

With no fans in attendance, sports games look different. It is easy to look at a game and fail to think beyond the jerseys and empty seats. It is also simple to get distracted by the new normal, leading you to favor your favorites.

Whenever you feel like betting on a team based on a hunch, therefore, think again. Successful bettors built their wealth by using facts and emotions. People like Billy Walters made millions of dollars finding value-odds and placing heft bets.

With that in mind, learn to use facts to make sports predictions. Match history, injury reports, team strengths, and play styles are all pieces of data that can help you make a smart betting decision. In contrast, backing your favorite player, listening to friends, or following the hype are sure ways to lose your stakes.

Work with a Budget

You might be home due to lockdowns. But that doesn't mean you need to divert all your money to sportsbooks. It's true; you can win plenty of cash betting on sports. However, it's not a guaranteed source of income.

To avoid unnecessary losses, create a betting budget. Some people even advise you to open a new account for your gambling money. That way, your betting cash stays aside from your budget.

Either way, the objective is to run your betting adventure like a business. That means you’ll have a target of how much to spend per game, week and month. It also means keeping records and investing in your skills.

Manage your Expectations

If you’re a novice sports bettor, learn to manage your expectations. Sure, everyone dreams of winning big. But for the majority of punters, sports betting is not a walk in the park. It is a rough journey full of wins and losses.

So, before you bet your entire bankroll on one game, think again. A match you’re highly confident in winning could lead to a loss. Your first month could be a loss, and so might be your second and third.

However, also recognize there are ways to avoid consistent losses. As mentioned, one of the tactics is to bet using facts and not emotions. The second tip is to specialize. In other words, be like Warren Buffet.

He’s so skilled in making money through stocks that he doesn’t need any other investments. He even refuses to grab opportunities in Silicon Valley. And that’s because technology is not his area of specialization.

Summary—It is Your Turn

What type of sports bettor do you want to become? Someone who uses proven tactics to succeed or someone who makes mistakes over and over—be wise, pick the former.


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