Spain wins Group H

It was do-or-die for Spain in the 2010 World Cup on Friday, but a victory gave the Spaniards enough to win Group H.

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Spain entered Friday needing a win to advance to the round of 16 and it defeated Chile 2-1 to finish on top of the standings thanks to a tiebreaker over Chile, which finished second.

Spain had 1/4 odds to win the group according to the online sports book which means a $100 bet on Spain will pay out $25.

Spain finished group play at 2-1-0 as it scored four goals and gave up two while Chile scored three and gave up one.

Switzerland had a chance to win the group on Friday, but played Honduras to a scoreless draw and finished outside of the top two.
2010 World Cup Group H Results

* Spain 2-1-0

Chile 2-1-0

Switzerland 1-1-1

Honduras 0-2-1

*Won Group in a tiebreaker

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Posted: 6/25/10 7:56PM ET

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