Paraguay wins Group F

The big news out of Group F in the 2010 World Cup isn’t that Paraguay won, but it is about what team isn’t moving on.

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The defending World Cup champion, Italy, failed to win a game in group play and ended up in last place despite being the favorites to win the group. Meanwhile, Paraguay went 1-0-2 to get the top spot in Group F.

Paraguay had 11/4 odds to win the group according to the online sports book which means a $100 bet on Paraguay will pay out $275.

Paraguay played a 0-0 tie with New Zealand on Thursday, but the key to is success came in a 2-0 win over Slovakia.

Slovakia got the second bid in the round of 16 thanks to its 3-2 win over Italy on Thursday. The Italians just needed a win to advance to the next round, but couldn’t come up with it.
2010 World Cup Group F Results

Paraguay 1-0-2

Slovakia 1-1-1

New Zealand 0-0-3

Italy 0-1-2

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Posted: 6/24/10 8:20PM ET

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