Holland wins Group E

Few teams dominated their groups in the 2010 World Cup quite like Netherlands did in Group E.

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Holland was heavily favored to win the group coming in, and it didn’t disappoint, winning all three group matches while giving up just one goal.

Netherlands had 8/15 odds to win the group according to the online sports book SPORTSBETTING.com which means a $100 bet on Netherlands will pay out $53.

Holland scored five goals in the three games while allowing the one, Cameroon was the lone team to score on it.

The second round of 16 qualifier was Japan, which was least favored to win the group. Japan defeated Denmark 3-1 on Thursday to earn the final spot.
2010 World Cup Group E Results

Netherlands 3-0-0

Japan 2-1-0

Denmark 1-2-0

Cameroon 0-3-0

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Posted: 6/24/10 8:12PM ET


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