Uruguay wins Group A

The first team to win its group in the 2010 World Cup was Uruguay as it surprised many by taking first in Group A.

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Uruguay went 2-0-1 during the group stage to record seven points and advance to the round of 16 tournament along with Mexico.

Uruguay had 7/2 odds to win the group according to the online sports book SPORTSBETTING.com which means a $100 bet on Uruguay will pay out $350.

Uruguay opened play with a 0-0 tie with France and followed up with back-to-back wins as it beat South Africa 3-0 and Mexico 1-0.

France entered the group with 1/1 odds to win, but the country had an embarrassing effort, going 0-2-1 while scoring just one goal in the three games to finish last.

Mexico edged South Africa for the final spot in the round of 16 as it had a better goal differential (+1) than the host country (-2).
2010 World Cup Group A Results

Uruguay 2-0-1

* Mexico 1-1-1

South Africa 1-1-1

France 0-2-1

*Advances to next round due to tiebreaker

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Posted: 6/22/10 8:11PM ET


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