Basic Sports Betting Terms

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A lot of people, if not all, are sports fans. One way of enjoying sports, aside from watching it on the television or the sidelines and cheering for your team or player, ispredicting the sports results and betting on it.

Betting on who’s going to win the basketball championships with your friends is fun. However, aside from recreation purposes, another reason of betting is when the primary intent is winning additional money. For this, you need a few basic knowledge about betting. Knowing a fewuseful betting termsand their definitions will come convenient.

Accumulator Bet

Accumulator bet is also known as the parlay belt. It refers to the single bet which links two or more bets into one single bet. All selections have to be successful. In other words, you should win in this kind of bet to get a return.

Ante Post

Ante Post is when you bet on odds that are being offered one day before a horse race or before all the races begin. It is considered to be the most common type of bet in horse racing.

Banker Bets

It is the kind of bets that are placed on the hot favorites, and are most often expected to bring a certain return. In the system bets, the banker bet is the selection that should win or be successful to guarantee the profit. It is usually placed on the odds of 2/5 or 1.40 or lower. Barker bets can also be placed as either single or can be combined as a part of the accumulator bet.

Betting Exchange

It works just like the stock market. However, instead of shares being exchanged, it is the bets you are trading. Instead of betting against the bookmaker like most bets, betting exchange lets you bet against your fellow players.

Betting Markets

There is a wide selection of betting markets offered by bookmakers for every single match. This selection often provides the customers a choice of more than 100 betting options for every game. Some of the typical betting markets include the winner, over/under, correct score, Asian handicaps, halftime result, first goal scorer, and many others.

Closing Line

The closing line is the sports betting term also known as the final line. It refers to the betting line before the bookmaker has set the odds for a particularevent.

Double Betting

Double betting is one of the simplest forms of accumulators. It consists of two selections where both should be successful to guarantee a return.

Each Way Bet

The each way bet refers to the two different bets which are linked to a single stake. It is both a win and a place bet which is commonly used in horse racing. Whether your selection wins or lands a spot in the top three winners for the race, then you have a guaranteed return.

Fixed Odds Betting

The fixed odds betting refers to the process of placing the bets based on the predetermined odds. It is when you already know how much you are going to get the moment you have placed the bet. The potential of the returns will not change no matter how much the odds will fluctuate even after you have placed your bet.

Inplay Betting

It refers to the live betting where you are allowed to put a bet on the results of a match while it is still playing or in-play.

Martingale System

This system is when the investor increases their stake on their new bet every time they lose. The logic behind the martingale system is that a new bet will win and the money that was lost in previous bets will be earned back.

Novelty Betting

Novelty betting is the betting term used when you wager on certain events that have almost nothing to do with sports.

Off the Board

Off the board games refers to those who are no longer available for betting even though it has been initiallyoffered. It often happens when the bookmaker suspects that the result of a certain game has already been fixed. It makes sure that they wouldn’t lose any more money for that match.

Scorecast Betting

This type of betting is composed of two separate bets which can also be considered as an accumulator. It is where you need to predict the player to have the first goal in a certain match as well as the result of the whole game.

Value Bets

Value bets refer to the kind of bets that will supposedly provide you the best chance of having a return. It is usually taken advantage of the punters instead of betting on the favorites; they try to find any mistakes the bookmaker has made when quoting the odds.


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