Trusted Payment Methods

8 Trusted Payment Methods Used in the Gambling Industry

Choosing the right payment method can make or break a gambling experience.

In fact, the selection of payment methods is one of the things to consider when choosing an online casino operator. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages; much also depends on the player’s taste and habits. Available payment methods vary from one country to another (keep this in mind when choosing the one for you), but here are some of the most popular ones.

Amex (American Express)

Amex is one of the most recognized and trusted financial services corporations in the world. There are many reasons to choose it as your gambling payment method, including global reputation, name recognition, great rewards, and, most importantly, trustworthiness. Keep in mind, though, that Amex users cannot expect confidentiality. So make sure you are playing at a legal casino.


Bitcoin is not unlike Amex in terms of name recognition. In a way, it is the Amex of cryptocurrency. Paying with crypto is one of the biggest trends in the gambling industry. Gamblers who choose this method appreciate the anonymity it provides as well as much lower transaction fees. The main problem with Bitcoin (as well as other cryptocurrencies) is that its value constantly fluctuates.


Cashlib is a less widely known but rapidly-growing payment method. Basically, it is a voucher you can buy with cash and then use for online payments, including gambling. The main advantage of Cashlib is that you do not need to share any personal information when using it, so confidentiality is a huge benefit. However, in case you want to pay via Cashlib, keep in mind that it is not available in many countries.


PayPal is another international giant with excellent name recognition and trustworthiness. Sadly, it is not available everywhere (including Canada and the U.S.), but PayPal’s geographical outreach is way broader compared to, say, Cashlib. PayPal is easy to use, fast, and efficient. At the same time, do not be surprised that some casinos ask for extra fees for using it.

Visa / Mastercard

Alongside Amex, Visa & Mastercard are among the pioneers of cashless payment systems. You can get a credit, debit, or prepaid card, depending on how you approach your gambling budget. Using Visa / Mastercard for gambling payments is completely safe and convenient (no separate card or account necessary). Still, as is the case with the most established, ‘traditional’ payment methods, Visa / Mastercard payments lack anonymity.


AliPay is an emerging digital wallet platform with a lot of potential. AliPay’s main advantage is its convenience. You can just download the app and manage your e-wallet wherever you are. Besides, AliPay users enjoy credit/lending services, so there is no fear that you will run out of funds in the middle of a casino night. The problem with Alipay is the amount of information it stores on users and the risk of information leakage.

Skrill (Former Moneybookers)

Skrill is especially popular among gamblers from the U.K., this payment system’s country of origin. But Skrill is gradually getting recognized in other countries as well. It provides its users the advantages of fast access to funds, confidentiality, and unparalleled customer support available 24/7 (moist payment methods do not offer this). Unfortunately, Skrill is not the fastest payment method out there. You will sometimes have to wait for hours to have your withdrawal transferred to the account.


Neosurf is a well-known platform among everyone who likes to use prepaid cards. Neosurf users enjoy speedy and seamless transactions as well as complete anonymity. However, if you like to play big, you may find it inconvenient that Neosurf cards have a limited value you cannot go above. You will always have to make sure that you have enough extra cards purchased.


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