Vuvuzelas Prop Bets

You’ve no doubt heard them if you’ve watched the 2010 World Cup this year. They’re vuvuzela horns, a traditional African instrument, that have become quite a distraction at the Cup this year.

Bet 2010 World Cup Odds

Sports Interaction, the first online sportsbook licensed and regulated in North America, has posted odds on what will happen the horns of which everybody’s had just about plenty.

“You can’t ignore the vuvuzelas,” says Frank Doyle, a spokesman for Sports Interaction, “so we thought we’d join them.”

Here are some of the vuvuzela bets that Sports Interaction has to offer:

Pele seen blowing a vuvuzela at the World Cup Final 5/2

FIFA to ban vuvuzelas from the World Cup Final 5/1

Any manager to officially blame defeat on vuvuzelas 6/1

Fan or player to sue FIFA for loss of hearing 50/1

Maradona to assault photographer with vuvuzela 50/1

Referees to use vuvuzelas instead of whistle 100/1

Sports Interaction ( is offering betting on its fourth World Cup and has a huge range of match bets. Live betting has become incredibly popular and you can keep betting on match events as the games are being played.

“We’re having a very good World Cup so far, especially in terms of our live World Cup betting,” says Doyle, “but the noise we just can’t ignore, even if we wanted to. So we thought we’d have some fun with it and join in the world party.”

“Personally, I’ve got used to the vuvuzelas,” says Doyle. “But then, I’ve got very small ears.”

Bet 2010 World Cup Odds

Posted: 6/15/10 4:10 PM ET


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