Spain World Cup Odds

Of all 32 teams in the 2010 World Cup, no one has better odds to win than Spain.

Bet 2010 FIFA World Cup

Spain World Cup History:

Number of Previous World Cup Appearances: 12

Last Appearance: 2006

Best Finish: Fourth Place (1950)

All-Time World Cup Record: 22-15-12


According to oddsmakers from online sports book, Spain is the favorite to win the World Cup with 4/1 odds.

2010 World Cup Qualifying:

Spain qualified for the World Cup by going 10-0-0 in UEFA Qualifying Group 5. Spain scored 28 goals and allowed five in the 10 games and just dominated the group. However, its qualifying group didn’t feature any other World Cup qualifying teams.

Betting Analysis:

Spain is injury free and ready to compete in Group H where it joins Switzerland, Honduras, and Chile. Spain should easily reach the 16-team tournament, but from there you have to be concerned that Spain has never played in the title game and now it is expected to win it all. Spain did go on a 35-match unbeaten streak from 2007-2009, which has given many belief that 2010 is Spain’s year, but a June 24, 2009 loss to United States ended that streak. Since that loss, Spain hasn’t lost again, with its best win coming against France. Still, when push comes to shove, we still would put our money behind a proven winner like Brazil over the Spaniards simply out of history and consistency on the World Cup stage.

2010 FIFA World Cup Odds – June 11-July 11 – South Africa

Spain 4/1    

Brazil 9/2    

England 6/1    

Argentina 13/2    

Holland 10/1    

Germany 14/1    

Italy 14/1    

France 20/1    

Portugal 25/1    

Serbia 50/1    

Ivory Coast 50/1    

Chile 66/1    

USA 80/1    

Ghana 100/1    

Mexico 100/1    

Paraguay 100/1    

Cameroon 125/1    

Denmark 125/1    

Uruguay 150/1    

Nigeria 150/1    

Australia 150/1     

South Africa 150/1    

Greece 200/1    

Switzerland 250/1    

South Korea 250/1    

Slovakia 400/1    

Slovenia 500/1    

Japan 600/1    

Algeria 700/1    

Honduras 1000/1    

North Korea 2000/1    

New Zealand 2500/1 

Bet 2010 FIFA World Cup

Posted: 6/10/10 9:38PM ET


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