Tiger vs. Phil Odds

If you are one of the people who thinks that the Tiger Woods / Phil Mickelson rivalry or feud or whatever you want to call it was just in the media, the oddsmakers at several online sports books appear to disagree with you.

As we head into this weekend’s 2008 U.S. Open Championship oddsmakers from online sports betting site Bodog have posted a host of odds on how not only Tiger and Lefty will do in this year’s U.S. Open but also how they will do against each other.

In all, of the 20 individual prop wagers you can place on this weeks U.S. Open Championship 12 of them have to do with either Woods or Mickelson or Both. Hopefully Mickelson isn’t a betting man himself and doesn’t check the BodogLife.com website or he will see that he is an underdog to Tiger Woods in all but one wager. That could possibly strike a blow to ol’ Phil’s confidence.

You can bet on things like who will have more bogey’s Phil or Tiger (Tiger Woods is an Even money favorite in this wager BTW) and will Woods or Mickelson have a hole in one during the tournament (odds of that happening to either golfer is 40/1).

Mike Seaton from odds information website TheSpread.com says he likes these types of betting rivalries. "Like golf itself, golf wagering can be considered very boring to a lot of people." "Picking a winner of a golf tournament is very difficult, prop wagers allow you to bet on a lot of different things not always related to who wins the event".

Here are a complete list of 2008 PGA U.S. Open Championship Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson Prop Odds.

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Tiger Woods Betting

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Tiger Woods 2008 U.S. Open Odds

Will Tiger Woods Achieve A Hole In One At The US Open Championship?

Yes 40/1

Will Tiger Woods Lead After The First Round Of The 2008 US Open Championship?


Will Tiger Woods Finish In The Top 10?

Yes -500

Tiger Woods To Win By 5 Strokes Or More?

Yes 25/1

Tiger Woods To Lead At The End Of Each Round?

Yes 16/1

Tiger Woods To Miss The Cut

Yes 5/1

Phil Mickelson 208 U.S. Open Odds

Will Phil Mickelson Achieve A Hole In One At The US Open Championship?

Yes 40/1

Will Phil Mickelson Lead After The First Round Of The 2008 US Open Championship?

Yes 9/1

Where Will Phil Mickelson Finish?

1st - 20th 4/11

21st - 40th 7/2

41st to Last 5/1

Tiger vs. Phil 2008 U.S. Open Odds

Who Will Get The Most Birdies On Day 1?

Tiger Woods 2/3

Phil Mickelson 11/10

Who Will Get The Most Bogeys On Day 1?

Tiger Woods +100

Phil Mickelson -138

T Woods & P Mickelson v The Field

Tiger Woods & Phil Mickelson +188

The Field -275

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