Nigeria W. Cup Odds

Despite long odds to win the 2010 World Cup, Nigeria is in a good position to make a run deep into the month of play.

Bet 2010 FIFA World Cup

Japan World Cup History:

Number of Previous World Cup Appearances: 3

Last Appearance: 2002

Best Finish: Round of 16 (1994/1998)

All-Time World Cup Record: 4-6-1


According to oddsmakers from online sports book, Nigeria has been given 150/1 odds to win the World Cup. Spain is the favorite coming in with odds of 4/1.

2010 World Cup Qualifying:

Nigeria qualified for the World Cup by starting with a six-game winning streak in Group 4 of the first round of qualifying in the CAF. Nigeria scored 11 goals during the stretch and allowed just one. From there, Nigeria entered Group B where it went 3-0-3 to win the four-team group and advance on. There Nigeria bested Tunisia, Mozambique, and Kenya. The Nigerians scored nine goals and allowed four during the final round.

Betting Analysis:

Nigeria is playing in Group B with Argentina, South Korea, and Greece. Based on the odds, Nigeria is the second best team entering the group, so a spot in the Round of 16 is very possible. Since qualifying, Nigeria has went 2-0-2 with wins over the Congo and North Korea. Should Nigeria reach the tournament format, it will take a great effort to win it all, but any team can beat another team in a one-game situation. While the odds are intriguing at 150/1, it is still a long shot for Nigeria to win the Cup.

2010 FIFA World Cup Odds – June 11-July 11 – South Africa

Spain 4/1    

Brazil 9/2    

England 6/1    

Argentina 13/2    

Holland 10/1    

Germany 14/1    

Italy 14/1    

France 20/1    

Portugal 25/1    

Serbia 50/1    

Ivory Coast 50/1    

Chile 66/1    

USA 80/1    

Ghana 100/1    

Mexico 100/1    

Paraguay 100/1    

Cameroon 125/1    

Denmark 125/1    

Uruguay 150/1    

Nigeria 150/1    

Australia 150/1     

South Africa 150/1    

Greece 200/1    

Switzerland 250/1    

South Korea 250/1    

Slovakia 400/1    

Slovenia 500/1    

Japan 600/1    

Algeria 700/1    

Honduras 1000/1    

North Korea 2000/1    

New Zealand 2500/1 

Bet 2010 FIFA World Cup

Posted: 6/9/10 7:36PM ET


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