Updated World Cup Odds

The World Cup is just four days away beginning June 11 in South Africa. BroburySports.com has received tremendous interest and has just updated the odds-to-win.

Bet 2010 World Cup Odds

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Here’s a look at the updated odds. This shows which teams are getting the late action and which are fading.

Spain (4/1) is still the favorite, but Brazil is inching closer at 9/2. The Spaniards claim they’re ready to shake their World Cup underachiever tag. They’ve never finished better than fourth place (1950). The team has done some serious training in high altitude, but injuries to Fernando Torres and Cesc Fabregas are causing questions.

Bettors are attracted to Brazil due to its history. They’ve won the most World Cup titles with five. The latest came in 2002 in Japan, with Brazil once again proving it can win far away from home.

The latest news coming from the Brazil team is they’re taking this tournament more seriously than 2006. Players are on stricter night schedules and not allowed to just hang out in night clubs until the wee hours.

Argentina has gotten a boost, moving from 15/2 up to 13/2, Striker Lionel Messi (8/1) is co-leader for the tournament’s top goal scorer. Spain’s David Villa is also 8/1.

England has dropped a bit to 7/1. Their grouping is very favorable with USA, Slovenia and Algeria in Group C with them. Support for the Americans has dropped from 66/1 to win the World Cup down to 80/1. That’s a somewhat surprising trend.   

Holland is quietly moving up the charts. They’re ranked fifth at 9/1, now ahead of their more celebrated European counterparts, Italy and Germany. Holland is another historic underachiever, like Spain, but they’re strong at both midfield and forward.

Can Holland finally win its first World Cup with few expecting them to do so?

Finally, Germany has to make do without injured players Rene Adler, Simon Rolfes and Michael Ballack. There’s still a lot of talent remaining, and that’s holding them steady at 12/1.

Odds-to-Win 2010 World Cup (opening odds in parenthesis)

Spain 4/1

Brazil 9/2 (5/1)

Argentina 13/2 (15/2)

England 7/1 (6/1)

Holland 9/1 (12/1)

Germany 12/1

Italy 14/1 (12/1)

France 20/1 (18/1)

Portugal 25/1 (28/1)

Ivory Coast 50/1 (28/1)

Serbia 50/1 (66/1)

Chile 66/1

Mexico 80/1

USA 80/1 (66/1)

Ghana 100/1 (66/1)

Paraguay 100/1 (80/1)

Cameroon 125/1 (100/1)

Denmark 125/1 (100/1)

Uruguay 125/1 (100/1)

Australia 150/1 (125/1)

Nigeria 150/1 (100/1)

South Africa 150/1 (125/1)

Greece 200/1 (150/1)

South Korea 250/1 (200/1)

Switzerland 250/1 (200/1)

Slovakia 400/1 (200/1)

Slovenia 500/1 (200/1)

Japan 600/1 (250/1)

Algeria 700/1 (400/1)

Honduras 1000/1 (500/1)

North Korea 2000/1 (1000/1)

New Zealand 2500/1 (2000/1)

Bet 2010 World Cup Odds

Posted: 6/7/10 8:10PM ET


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