Biggest Casino Jackpots of All Time

3 Biggest Casino Jackpots of All Time

Gambling is not just a way to try luck but also an opportunity to make fortune.

Although it's possible to get a jackpot in live dealer casino games, winnings are much bigger in offline casinos. Here are the 3 greatest jackpots of all time. 

Two Fortunate Games

Fortune smiled on Elmer Sherwin twice. He won $4.6 and $21 million at a Las Vegas casino. The first time Sherwin was 76 years old, he walked into the Mirage Casino and took a big jackpot of $4.6 million. The man spent the money on a trip around the world. 

After that, the casino became a favorite place for the man. He went there twice a week. And the effort was not in vain! Sixteen years later, he got the jackpot in the same casino. He spent most of the second winnings not on himself but charity. He helped the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

From a Waitress to a Millionaire

That's the fate that befell Cynthia Jaye in 2000, who had been working in the service industry in Las Vegas for 10 years.

To indulge her curiosity, she took a gamble at the Palace Station Casino and spent her last $27. She had no idea at the time that such a small amount would make her rich. Cynthia placed almost all of her money on the slot machine but still had one dollar in her hand.

As she spent it, the winning sound erupted out of nowhere, announcing the jackpot of $34,959,458 million. At the time, no one before Cynthia had ever won that kind of money. To earn it by honest work, the waitress would have had to spend more than 1,000 years.

On the Brink of Risk

The year 2004 marked a real success for traveler Ashley Revell. One night, the man withdrew his savings from all his bank accounts to visit Las Vegas and place his bets at Fremont.

He placed $135,000 on the red section. When the ball fell into that very box, the visitors were as taken aback as the croupier himself. Thus, the man doubled his income. However, that didn't stop him. Ashley continued to bet four more times, and luck smiled on him. As a result, that night Revell became a millionaire and left the casino with a $4 million winnings.

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