The Return of the Premier League

The return of the Premier League: What Does it Mean for Sports Bettors?

Finally, there is some good news for football lovers! The Premier League resumption date has been confirmed to return on 17th June.

The fixtures had been suspended after the novel Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The pandemic saw almost all sports and major leagues put on hold until that time when it will be deemed safe for normalcy to resume in the pitches. This news is good to shareholders and players and fans who can now wager on their favorite teams on trusted platforms like Wildz. It is that time of the year for sports betting lovers to make some good cash, especially after the Premier League officials confirmed that all the 20 teams would be back on training and schedule.

With the premier league's return, what are some of the things that we should expect? Well, check out on the following:

New hope for online gaming

As mentioned, the Premier League is always the bedrock of sports betting activities. From the way the fixtures have been scheduled, full rounds will be taking place almost every three days, and that means that there will be increased activity in sportsbook sites and online casinos. While the industry is expected to maybe double its revenues compared to the last Covid-19 weeks, players will still win big because other leagues are likely to follow suit and return to action.

Bonuses and offers

Online casinos and sportsbooks have been waiting for these moments. It is that time that bonuses and offers will be introduced, primarily to cushion the problem of reduced disposable income since the economy has been affected. Therefore, players should take advantage of these bonuses and offers because they can build a bigger bankroll for future survival.

What are the first fixtures?

The first fixtures will be on 17th June when Manchester City will be welcoming Arsenal as Aston Villa hosts Sheffield United. The two matches are the ones that were postponed just before the Premier League action was suspended. The games will mark the climax of 29 matches played by all 20 teams heading into the weekend of June 19-21. The PL officials also noted 92 games would be played, and all of them hosted in closed doors. Most matches will be played at clubs' stadiums, but key ones will be moved to neutral grounds as a measure of curbing fans who may be tempted to break the social distancing rules.

Can the PL be voided?

Lastly, you must also know that the returning news is still provisional, and everything else will depend on how the world will be managing the pandemic. However, it is close to impossible for the PL to be voided as the officials are desperate to play the remaining matches and call it a season. Remember, the budget had already been set, and voiding the league at this stage will mean losses of up to £1billion. PL broadcast partners like BT, Sky, and other overseas rights holders had already paid for full season's broadcast rights. Moreover, from the look of things, there aren't any serious safety issues that have since proven apparent in as far as managing the Covid-19 pandemic is concerned.

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