MLB Parlays to Consider this Weekend

MLB Parlays That Your Bookies Are Promoting This Weekend—And Why

Bookmakers love to promote MLB Parlays. This weekend is no different where many online bookies figure to promote the following parlays for both Saturday, June 2, and Sunday, June 3.

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Saturday, June 2

MLB Parlay – 3 Team

Oakland Athletics at Kansas City Royals

Chicago Cubs at New York Mets

Tampa Bay Rays at Seattle Mariners

The goal for any promoted parlay is to make it a challenge to handicap.

Oakland lists Trevor Cahill as their starter. KC lists Jason Hammel. Neither pitcher has the upper hand. KC might be the worst team in MLB. However, the Royals are at home making this game a tough one to handicap.

The Cubs start Mike Montgomery. The Mets start Jacob deGrom. deGrom and the Mets will be favored over Chicago. But, is Chicago without a shot? The Cubs are probably the better overall team.

Tampa Bay starts ace Chris Archer. Archer is a decent pitcher. His ERA this season is 4.29. Mariners starter Marco Gonzalez has a 3.60 ERA.

Tampa vs Seattle might be the toughest game to handicap.

MLB Parlay – 4 Team

Philadelphia Phillies at San Francisco Giants

If pay per head agents promote a 4 team MLB parlay on Saturday, the game they’ll add to what’s above is Philly at San Francisco.

The Phillies list Vince Velasquez as their starter. The Giants list Ty Blach as their starter. Velasquez’s ERA is over 4.00. Blach’s ERA is close to 5.00.

Sunday, June 3

MLB Parlay – 3 Team

Toronto Blue Jays at Detroit Tigers

Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals

Boston Red Sox at Houston Astros

Blue Jays at Tigers and Pirates at Cardinals should be impossible to handicap. Neither team in either game has a huge edge while all 4 teams list starters that can have great, good, or bad games.

The real key for this parlay is Red Sox at Astros. The Red Sox start Rick Porcello. The Astros start Charlie Morton. Both Porcello and Morton are two of the better starting pitchers in MLB.

MLB – 4 Team

Miami Marlins at Arizona Diamondbacks

If per head agents promote a 4 team MLB parlay, they’ll most likely add Marlins at D’Backs.

The reason is that Miami starts Dan Straily. Straily’s got a 3.69 ERA. Arizona counters with Matt Koch. Koch has a 4.31 ERA.

The problem with finding the winner in this game is that every team in baseball hits well at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The overall goal for every online bookie is to promote parlays that present handicapping challenges. Bookies don’t mind if a player or two win a promoted parlay.

They want to make sports bettors earn it, though.

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