How Bookies view NBA Champ Series

3 Ways Bookies Protect Profits During The NBA Championship Series

Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals won’t start until May 31st. Already, online bookies have made massive profits on the NBA Playoffs.

Bookies protect profits via pay per head tools.

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Below, check out 3 of those per head tools. Before discussing the tools, check out current odds on teams to win the NBA Championship.

Odds to Win the NBA Championship

Golden State Warriors -175

Houston Rockets +225

Cleveland Cavaliers +775

Boston Celtics +1600

The Warriors were -400 favorites to win the NBA Championship before Game 4. Houston beat the Warriors 95 to 92 in Game 4. That amazing road win sent the Warriors odds up to -175.

At -175, pay per head agents might reopen betting on the Warriors.

Pay Per Head Tools: #1 Mass Editing 

There’s no doubt that if massive amounts of dollars had been wagered on the Warriors prior to their Game 1 loss, agents might have used the mass editing tool to stop wagers on Golden State.

Now that Golden State is no longer a lock, non-risk averse bookies might allow bets on Golden State.

#2 Schedule Limit Override

Another PPH tool, the schedule limit override, allows bookmakers to set limit overrides. They’ve no doubt already used this tool in cases where one series, Golden State versus Houston most likely, has garnered more action than the other series.

Using a schedule limit override helps bookies spread action around. That’s an important aspect of sportsbook management.

#3 Layoff Account

The final tool that pay per head agents almost certainly have used and will use well into the NBA Finals is the layoff account.

Both NBA Conference Finals Series, Cleveland versus Boston, and Warriors versus Rockets, have turned into amazingly tough battles.

That’s music to the ears of online bookies.

The tougher the games, the more the money is likely to be evenly bet on both teams in each game.

However, there’s a great chance that both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are overbet every time they battle in a playoff game.

For example, there’s no doubt that the Warriors were over bet in Game 4 versus the Rockets even though the Rockets ended up beating the Warriors.

The reason is that the Warriors had beaten Houston by 41 points in Game 4.

The layoff account protects profit. All online bookie agents use their layoff accounts.

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