NBA Conference Finals Preview

NBA Conference Finals Preview & Tools Bookies Use To Protect Profit

The final four for the NBA Conference Finals is set. In the Eastern Conference Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers battle the Boston Celtics.

In the Western Conference Finals, the Golden State Warriors battle the Houston Rockets.

What tools will your online bookie use to protect their profit?

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NBA Conference Finals Preview

Before getting into the tools per head agents will use to protect NBA Playoff betting profits, let’s preview both NBA Conference Finals

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics

The Celtics managed to beat the Philadelphia 76’ers 4 games to 1 even though they have been and will continue to be without star point guard Kyrie Irving.

Boston might have the best basketball coach on the planet in Brad Stevens.

Cleveland has the best player in the history of the NBA in LeBron James. James and the Cavaliers swept 1-seed Toronto 4 games to 0.

James has willed the Cavaliers to the Eastern NBA Conference Finals. Stevens has coached the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets

The Rockets beat the Utah Jazz 4 games to 1. Houston arguably has the best backcourt in the league. James Harden, who’s projected to win this year’s NBA MVP, and Chris Paul are both unstoppable.

Golden State beat the New Orleans Pelicans 4 games to 1. Golden State is led by Steph Curry, Kyle Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green.

Four of Golden State’s five starters are all-stars. Durant and Curry are considered two of the very best players in the league.

NBA Conference Finals Pay Per Head Tools

The first thing most pay per head agents will do is handicap each series. After handicapping the series, agents will then utilize per head tools accordingly.

The first tool that they most assuredly will use no matter what their handicapping tells them is the mass editing tool.

Online bookies will mass edit every player in their book. The mass edit they will make is to set max betting limits on any one of the four teams to win their respective conference series. That’s the first thing.

Online bookies will then use the mass editing tool to set max betting limits on all four teams to win the NBA Championship.

When it comes to individual games, most bookies will use their layoff accounts. However, there are some bookies who won’t use their layoff accounts if the Golden State Warriors are overplayed. 

The reason is that Golden State went 2 and 3 against the spread in their 5 games versus the Pelicans.

Golden State notoriously faces un-coverable spreads. Allowing money to ride when the Warriors are over bet can lead to more profit than using their layoff accounts. 

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