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The Preakness Stakes is a race that Horse Bettors love and the Sports Books hate. In the last ten year’s it has been the Oddsmaker who has taken a beating at the ticket window for the Preakness.

Since 1998 when online wagering really started to take hold, the odds to win favorite in the Preakness have went on to win more than half of the last 10 runnings of the Preakness Stakes.

Bet on the 2008 Preakness Stakes

“Six of the last ten Kentucky Derby winners went on to win the second stage of the Triple Crown” said Mike Seaton, of TheSpread.com. “Of the remaining 4 Derby entries who didn’t win the Preakness, one took second, one took third, one finished sixth and one [Barbaro] was unable to finish the race” said Seaton.

The odds reflect the trends as well with 2008 Kentucky Derby Winner Big Brown listed at 1/4 odds to win the 133rd Preakness Stakes. (Eight of the last eleven winners in the Preakness Stakes paid 3-1 or less.)

The fear oddsmakers have for Big Brown is probably most evident in the next odds to win favorite Gayego who is currently listed at 8/1. “Bookmakers are so confident that Big Brown will win this race that they are wiling to start the payouts on what they feel is the next strongest horse at $10 for every $1 wager.” “That send a pretty strong message to me” said Seaton.

Current Odds to Win the 133rd Preakness Stakes from Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland – Saturday, May 14, 2008

Macho Again 20/1

Tres Borrachos 50/1

Icabad Crane 25/1

Yankee Bravo 20/1

Racecar Rhapsody 50/1

Big Brown 1/4

Kentucky Bear 12/1

Stevil 50/1

Riley Tucker 50/1

Giant Moon 20/1

Gayego 8/1

Hey Byrn 25/1

Pick The Top 4 Finishers in the 2008 Preakness win $10,000 from Sportsbook.com

All odds subject to change up until post time

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