Horse vs. Horse Odds

Are you a Preakness Stakes bettor who isn’t really interested in playing Big Brown as a 1/3 favorite? Or are you interested in seeing how your horse would do up against the rest of the field?

Among the 2008 Preakness Stakes betting odds available are the horse vs. horse matchups. These head to head wager types pit two horses together with money line odds.

Bet on the 2008 Preakness Stakes

With these wagers, the bettor must decide which one of the listed horses will have a higher finishing position at the end of the 2008 Preakness Stakes. The horse you select doesn’t need to win the 133rd Preakness, only finish higher than the competing horse in the matchup.

Online Bookmaker Bodog is offering by far the most horse vs. horse betting odds on this Saturday’s race. Currently Bodog is offering 24 different Preakness Stakes head to head matchups between the 13 horses who will compete in the second jewel of the 2008 Triple Crown.

Before Behindatthebar was scratched on Friday morning, he and Gayego led the way with six matchups each. Behindatthebar had been the favorite in all his matchups and Gayego, and all but two of his matchups vs. Kentucky Bear and vs. Yankee Bravo.

2008 Horse vs. Horse Matchup Betting Odds for The 2008 Preakness Stakes – Pimlico Raceway – Baltimore Maryland

Gayego -120

Giant Moon -120

Gayego -140

Hey Byrn +100

Gayego +110

Kentucky Bear -150

Gayego -140

Macho Again +100

Gayego +100

Yankee Bravo -140

Hey Byrn +120

Kentucky Bear -160

Hey Byrn -120

Macho Again -120

Hey Byrn +110

Yankee Bravo -150

Kentucky Bear -150

Macho Again +110

Kentucky Bear -140

Yankee Bravo +100

Icabad Crane +100

Macho Again -140

Icabad Crane +110

Yankee Bravo -150

Racecar Rhapsody -120

Riley Tucker -120

Racecar Rhapsody -120

Stevil -120

Racecar Rhapsody -120

Tres Borrachos -120

Riley Tucker -120

Stevil -120

Riley Tucker -140

Tres Borrachos +100

Stevil -120

Tres Borrachos -120

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All odds subject to change up until post time

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2008 Preakness Horse Profiles & Odds

- Big Brown

- Gayego

- Giant Moon

- Hey Byrn

- Icabad Crane

- Kentucky Bear

- Macho Again

- Racecar Rhapsody

- Riley Tucker

- Stevil

- Tres Borrachos

- Yankee Bravo

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