Cote vs. Belcher

One of the featured bouts of UFC 113: Machida vs. Shogun 2 is a middleweight contest between Patrick Cote and Alan Belcher.

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Cote is a slight favorite heading into this contest according to online sports book as he has a money line of -125 while Belcher has a line of -105. Here is a closer look at both fighters heading into this bout, which will take place from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, beginning at 10PM ET live on pay-per-view.
Patrick Cote (13-5):
: Cote is a solid striker who has good technique and is crisp with his boxing. He doesn’t try to throw a haymaker with every punch and still has the power to knock guys down with a single swing. His wrestling has improved as his career has moved on, but he is most comfortable on his feet.
Weaknesses: Cote hasn’t fought since October of 2008, as he suffered a major knee injury while fighting Anderson Silva for the UFC title. Being off for that long could be a factor as he was unable to train for nearly a year and during that time, guys like Belcher were getting better. Cote also has improved his ground skills, but will likely be inferior on the ground compared to his opponent.
Last Five Fights:
Third round TKO loss to Anderson Silve at UFC 90 on Oct. 25, 2008

Split decision win over Ricardo Almeida at UFC 86 on July 5, 2008

First round TKO win over Drew McFedries at UFC Fight Night 12 on Jan. 23, 2008

First round TKO win over Kendall Grove at UFC 74 on Aug. 25, 2007

First round TKO win over Jason Day at TKO 29 on June 1, 2007
Alan Belcher (15-6):
Strengths: Belcher is a different guy as he usually brings a unique look to the octagon. But, despite his looks, he is a talented muay thai striker that likes to use a combination of punches, knees, kicks, and elbows to damage his opponent. He also is a pretty strong guy, so getting him to the ground is a problem, and even there, he has the ability to lock in submissions.
Weaknesses: Belcher is one of those fighters that is solid, but he hasn’t proven he is at the elite level. He is coming off some impressive wins over Denis Kang and Wilson Gouveia but beating a former title contender would be a big feather in his cap. Belcher can get caught up in himself sometimes and get into slugfests, which wouldn’t be a good idea in this bout.
Last Five Fights:
First round TKO win over Wilson Gouveia at UFC 107 on Dec. 12, 2009

Split decision loss to Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 100 on July 11, 2009

Second round submission win over Denis Kang at UFC 93 on Jan. 17, 2009

Split decision win over Ed Herman at UFC Fight Night 15 on Sept. 17, 2008

First round TKO loss to Jason Day at UFC 83 on April 19, 2008

Who will win: While Cote has better success against common opponents, Belcher has had three big-time fights while Cote has been in the injured list and those fights have greatly improved him as a fighter. Look for Belcher to work leg kicks and test Cote’s bad wheel and slowly break him down on his way to unanimous decision victory.
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Posted: 5/7/10 10:22PM ET


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