2013 Kentucky Derby Prop Odds

2013 kentucky derby prop odds

CHURCHILL DOWNS, KY (The Spread) - With the 2013 Kentucky Derby now hours away, let's take a look at some of the exotic odds that you can wager for tonight's race.

Will the winning jockey's first name start with a "J?" According to oddsmakers from online sports book Bovada.lv, the Letter J has odds of -110 while any other letter is -130. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to bet this prop wager is that Orb's jockey is Joel Rosario and Verrazano's jockey is John Velazquez. They're currently favored at 9/2 odds, respectively.

Will a Todd Pletcher-trained horse finish last in the Kentucky Derby? The odds for "Yes" are +350 while the odds for "No" are -600. Pletcher is one of the more renowned trainers in horse racing, so it's doubtful that one of his contenders will finish last this evening. In a separate prop, you can also bet whether or not a Pletcher-trained horse will win the Kentucky Derby, with the odds for "Yes" being +170 and the odds for "No" being -250.

How many lengths will the wining horse win by? "More than or equal to 1 length" is -250 while "Less than 1 length" has odds of +170. Last year I'll Have Another won by a 1 1/2 margin, while Animal Kingdom won by 2 3/4 lengths in 2011. There's also a separate prop wager that asks, "How many lengths will the winner win by?" More than or equal to 3 lengths has odds of +170 while "Less than 3 lengths" is -250.

Will Rick Pitino be mentioned by the announcer from the start of the race until all horse cross the Finish Line? The odds are +400 for "Yes" and -600 for "No." (The announcer must say "Rick Pitino" or "Pitino," and the book manager's decision is final for this prop.)

Will Secretariat's Record time of 159.40 be broken? The odds for "Yes" are +1000 while the odds for "No" are -2000.

Will there be an inquiry into the race? The odds of that happening are +400 while the odds against that happening are -700.

What post position will the winning horse start from? Gates 1-10 have odds of +120 while Gates 11-20 are -160. And what letter will the winning horse's name start with? For the letters A through M, those odds are +170 and for the letters N through Z, the odds are -250. The odds for an odd saddlecloth winning the Kentucky Derby are +150 while the even saddleclotch numbers have -200 odds to win tonight.

Will the winning horse lead wire to wire? The odds are against it at -900, while the odds for it happening are +550.

Will a horse win the Triple Crown this year? It's doubtful, as the odds are -1000 for "No" and +600 for "Yes." The odds are also against the winning horse winning either the Preakness Stakes or the Belmont Stakes in the upcoming weeks. The odds for the winning horse in the Derby also claiming victory in the Preakness are -400 for "No" and +250 for "Yes." The Kentucky Derby winner also winning the Belmont has odds of +400 for "Yes" and -700 for "No."

Finally, will any horse win exactly two of three Triple Crown races? The odds for "Yes" are +170 and the odds for "No" are -250.

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