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2011 royal wedding prop odds Prince William Kate Middleton

LONDON, England - (TheSpread) – The Royal Wedding is set to take place early morning on Friday in the U.S. and there are actually ways you can line your pockets for the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

A number of prop odds have been wagered for this event, which is expected to be one of the most viewed events in history. In fact, odds are even out for whether or not 1.75 billion people will watch the wedding on television. Both over and under have odds of -120.

According to oddsmakers from online sportsbook, the royal couple is expected to kiss between 0-3 seconds after being announced man and wife. The odds for that length of kiss stand at -150 while odds of 3.01-6 seconds are at +150 and even odds of over 1 minute are out at +25000.

Odds are also out on which important guests will be seen crying during the event. Kate’s family leads the way with her mother, Carole, getting 3/2 odds while her sister, Philippa, has 5/2 odds, and her father, Michael, has 10/1 odds. The royal family odds are a little longer as The Queen has 12/1 odds of crying while all three Princes, Charles, Harry, and Philip each have 25/1 odds.

The 2011 Royal Wedding is set to begin at 11AM local time in England (which is 6AM ET) and is expected to conclude after approximately 75 minutes. For complete prop odds and wagers for the Royal Wedding and the marriage of Kate & Prince William, see below.

2011 Royal Wedding Prop Odds – Wedding of Prince William & Kate – April 29, 2011

What will be the estimated worldwide TV Viewers of the wedding: Over 1.75 billion (-120) Under 1.75 billion (-120)

Will the wedding car break down on the way to Westminster Abbey: Yes (+5000)

Will Prince Harry drop the wedding ring during the ceremony: Yes (+2500)

Will Kate get the order of Prince William’s names wrong during the vows: Yes (+2000)

Will an objection be raised to the marriage during the ceremony: Yes (+10000)

Will Prince Harry forget the wedding rings: Yes (+10000)

Will Kate leave Prince William at the alter: Yes (+50000)

What will be the estimated crowd number to line the route to Westminster Abbey: Over 3 million (-115); Under 3 million (-115)

How long will Prince William and Kate’s first kiss be after they wed?

0-3 seconds -150

3.01-6 seconds +130

6.01-10 seconds +550

10.01-60 seconds +2500

Over 1 minute +25000

What color hat will the Queen wear at the wedding?

Yellow 5/4

Blue 3/1

Purple 6/1

Apricot 13/2

Pink 13/2

Cream/Beige 7/1

White 11/1

Green 12/1

Brown 20/1

Orange 20/1

Red 20/1

Black 25/1

Grey 25/1

Which of these guests will be seen crying during the ceremony?

Carole Middleton (Kate’s mother) 3/2

Philippa Middleton (Kate’s sister) 5/2

Michael Middleton (Kate’s father) 10/1

The Queen 12/1

Prince Charles 25/1

Prince Harry 25/1

Prince Philip 25/1

Prince William & Kate Marriage Prop Odds

Will their first child be a boy or girl: Boy (-105); Girl (-105)

Will their first pregnancy result in twins: Yes (+2500) No (-5000)

Which couple will have a child first: William & Kate (-120) Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall (-120)

When will they first have a child: Before Jan. 1, 2013 (-120) After Jan. 1, 2013 (-120)

What will be the color of the first bikini shot worn by Kate Middleton on their Honeymoon?

White 2/1

Black 5/2

Blue 5/1

Cream/Beige 6/1

Green 8/1

Red 8/1

Yellow 12/1

Any other color 2/1

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