Four MLB Prop Bets to Consider

4 MLB Prop Bets That Sportsbooks Are Offering & Why

Most online bookies will offer MLB prop bets at least until halfway through the season. The overall reason why bookies offer prop bets is that they’re difficult to hit.

Sports bettors need only keep reading for 4 of the most popular MLB prop bets that sportsbook offer and why.

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1. To Win the 2018 World Series 

Due to their fantastic start, the Boston Red Sox’s odds have dropped all the way to +800. Houston remains the favorite at +500 followed by the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox and Mets. Those teams are all at +800.

Although Boston has started the season en fuego, there’s a reason bookies continue to encourage future prop bets on the World Series. 6 MLB teams have started out as hot as Boston.

Only one of those teams won the World Series, the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers.

2. Odds to Win the League Pennants

The Astros are huge favorites in the AL. They’re at +270. Boston is around +600.

In the NL, the favorites are the L.A. Dodgers at +300, followed by the Chicago Cubs at +350 and the Washington Nationals at +375.

Per head agents want sports bettors to bet as much as possible on teams to win the AL and NL Pennants. No doubt, there will be max betting limits in place.

However, those max betting limits won’t touch what most MLB future bettors will lay on the contenders for each league pennant.

Why do bookies want wagers on teams to win the AL Pennant and NL Pennant? Nobody really knows what happens once the playoffs start.

That lack of information means bookies have the advantage

3. MLB Win Totals

It’s early enough in the season that bettors can still wager on MLB win totals. All sports bettors must do is look at the number of teams that don’t offer win totals with a half a point.

Of the 30 Major League Baseball teams, only 6 offer win totals that land on a whole number: 

  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Colorado Rockies
  • New York Mets
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Toronto Blue Jays.

That’s 24 teams where a half point has been added to their win totals. Any time a half a point is involved, the advantage is with the pay per head agent.

4. Home Run Leader Odds

The odds have changed since March 31. Make no mistake, online bookie agents want sports bettors to wager on this prop. 

The reason? Mike Trout leads MLB with 9 home runs. 4 players have hit 8 home runs. 7 players have hit 7 home runs and 9 players have hit 6 home runs.

All told there are 21 players within 3 home runs of Mike Trout. Take away make Trout and 20 players are within 2 home runs of each other.

 That’s what online bookies call parity. Parity in sports betting leads to bookie profits.

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