How To Bet Teams With Lousy Starts

How To Bet Teams With Lousy Season Starts

Okay NFL and college football betting enthusiasts, with spring football taking place all over the country, the NFL draft quickly approaching and the start of training camps not very far off now is a really good time to drop some knowledge on just how to bet on teams that have gotten off to a lousy start.

Whether you prefer the college game or the NFL, there are a few key things all gridiron gaming aficionados should do when they’re considering betting on – or against – teams that have gotten off to woefully slow starts.

Thanks to some expert betting advice and years of betting on teams that have gotten off to slow starts, you’re going to be well-informed on just what to do when the 2018 college football and NFL regular seasons get underway and you’re looking at backing or betting against a team that has gotten off to an uninspiring start.

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The 5 W’s and 1 H!

Who, What and Why

Who’s struggling for the team that is off to a slow start and what are their reasons for doing so? Is the starting quarterback playing poorly like missing wide open receivers or throwing a high number of costly picks early on? Maybe he’s got a handful of new receivers he’s not completely in sync with or doesn’t have a true No. 1 wideout. If this worst-case scenario causes a team to get off to a lousy start, you’d better use some serious caution or avoid betting on – or better yet, bet against this team early on.

Let’s say the defense has a couple of pro bowl or All-American caliber players and they’re struggling to make pays or maybe learn a new scheme, then this would possibly be a reason to play the Over against the team that is off to a lousy start.

Where has the team that is off to a lousy start been playing and who have they struggled against? Let’s say for example that the Miami Dolphins (aargh) are off to a dismal start, but they’ve lost three of their first four games on the road at Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New England. Well, clearly, while the Fins are 1-3, there are reasons not to panic. Miami has lost on the road – to a trio of outstanding football teams, so now might not be the time to hit the betting panic button. However, let’s say the Fins lost three of their first four while suffering home losses to Cleveland and another mediocre team like Cincinnati. Well, then, it’s probably not a stretch to come to the conclusion that Miami is either mediocre at best or borderline awful.

When have the struggling team found a way to lose games? Let’s say you’re betting on USC and they’ve simply struggled from beginning to end in some of their early games or maybe you’re betting on the Trojans and they’ve suffered a couple of late-game collapses or disheartening comeback defeats. Again, if the Trojans have been playing awful football from the outset of games and have had no chance to win whatsoever, that’s clearly a different scenario than the Trojans suffering a Hail Mary loss or maybe a costly fourth-quarter turnover that put their opponent narrowly over the top.

How can the struggling team turn things around? Is there hope on the horizon? Does the team that is off to a lousy start have a head coach that is likely to panic or one that is as calm as a summer breeze no matter the situation? Does the team that is off to a lousy start have a quarterback that can keep his wits about him moving forward or will he start taking costly chances that he believes will improve his team’s chances of picking up a victory? These are some of the things you need to consider when betting on a team that is off to a lousy start.


In getting back to the thought process of how can a struggling team turn things around. You need to know whether the struggling team has a good backup quarterback that could potentially come in and replace a struggling starter. Is the head coach able to adapt his game plan and play to his strengths like Doug Pederson, Bill Belichick or Nick Saban? Basically, you want to know if the team that is off to a lousy start has any hope of making positive changes or will they continue their poor play for weeks on end or potentially all season long?

A Look Ahead

next, let’s say the Dallas Cowboys are off to a slow start through four games and they’re either 1-3 or 0-4, but then, they have a quartet of games coming up against four teams that all failed to reach the playoffs the season before and look like they’re going to be mediocre again in the current season. If this is the case, then there’s a higher probability that the Cowboys can turn things around than if they were off to a slow start through four games and looking at their upcoming four games against a quartet of elite teams like the Eagles, Vikings, Steelers and Panthers.


Last but not least, does the team that is off to a lousy start have a history of getting off to slow starts? Does this particular team generally rebound to make their slow start forgotten by the time mid-season rolls around or does this team have a history of going in the tank when they’ve gotten off to slow starts in the past? Knowing a little bit of history could be beneficial in a big way moving forward.

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