NBA Round 1 Updates from Your Bookies

NBA Round 1 Updates From Your Bookies (Plus NBA Championship Odds!)

The NBA Playoffs are underway. Your online bookie should be making plenty of profit on NBA Playoff betting action.

Right now, some teams have laid down the law while others have taken a backward step or two.

Updated NBA Championship Odds

Before getting into the state of the NBA Playoffs, check out NBA Championship odds. In addition to wagering on individual NBA games, pay per head agents are allowing players to wager on the team that wins the NBA Championship.

Let’s dive deeper into where things stand now and get into how agents are managing NBA Playoff betting action.

  • Golden State Warriors-220
  • Milwaukee Bucks+500
  • Houston Rockets+950
  • Toronto Raptors+1200
  • Boston Celtics+1600
  • Philadelphia 76ers+2400
  • Denver Nuggets+3000
  • Portland Trail Blazers+4000
  • San Antonio Spurs+4000
  • Oklahoma City Thunder+5000
  • Utah Jazz+6000
  • Brooklyn Nets+9000
  • Orlando Magic+9000
  • Indiana Pacers+12500
  • Detroit Pistons+25000

Golden State continues to offer underlay odds

The Golden State Warriors are a solid, more than solid, -220. Golden State’s not a lock, though, which is why pay per head agents are allowing more wagers on Golden State this season then they have in past seasons.

The Warriors had real trouble in Game 2 of their best-of-seven first round series against the L.A. Clippers. Golden State rushed out to a 31-point lead over the eighth seed in the Western Conference, the L.A. Clippers. What happened? The Warriors are trying to figure out!

The Clippers came back from down 31-points to beat Golden State 135-131. It was a magnificent win by the Clippers, who evened up the series at 1-1. Golden State most definitely should bounce back, but the victory points to a potential issue for the Warriors.

Not only did Golden State lose the game, but they also lost DeMarcus Cousins, who tore a quad muscle. Without Cousins, the Warriors won’t have anyone in the middle to battle Denver’s Nikola Jokic or Houston’s Clint Capella.

Speaking of the Houston Rockets, they have looked exceptional so far in their Round 1 series. Houston coach Mike D’Antoni decided to turn the Rockets into a defensive-minded team. It’s worked. Houston’s been on a run since pretty much the second half of the season. The run looks like it will continue.

Going back to Steph, KD, and the rest of the Warriors, that’s awful news. If Golden State does get past the Clippers, they’re likely to face the Rockets in the second round. Houston can beat Golden State. The Warriors can’t allow 3-point comebacks, much less 31-point comebacks, versus The Beard and CP3.

Milwaukee is now a solid second choice at the NBA Championship Odds

Over in the Eastern Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks are at +500 NBA Championship odds to win the title. Milwaukee’s just having fun with the Detroit Pistons in Round 1.

They should move on and then have fun with the Boston Celtics in Round 2.

Boston, one of the preseason favorites to win the NBA Championship, had a so-so regular season. The Celtics have looked good versus the Indiana Pacers, but that promises to be a long, drawn out, series. Boston’s likely to face a well-rested Milwaukee team.

The Bucks might be overlays to win the NBA Title at +500 odds. Milwaukee’s got the NBA MVP this season in Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis plays with a deep, talented, group of fellas. Most agents have assigned max betting limits on Milwaukee to win the title. They may have even used their line movers to make it more difficult to wager on the Bucks.

Houston is a solid third choice to win the NBA Title

Houston went from +1200 odds when the NBA Playoffs started to +950. The Rockets, like what we wrote above, has played like a defensive juggernaut since the second half of the season started.

That’s amazingly scary because, before this season, Houston ran up and down the court and lofted three-pointers all game.

The Rockets are a seriously talented group. They not only can beat Golden State, they should beat Golden State.

Every pay per head agent on the planet should have either set max betting limits on Houston to win the NBA Championship or taken Houston off the board.

Toronto and Denver are moving up

Players will find that their online bookies have also set max betting limits on Toronto and Denver to win the NBA Championship.

The NBA Championship odds on both are nowhere near low enough.

Toronto might be the only team that can beat the Milwaukee Bucks in the East while the Nuggets might be the only team that can beat the Houston Rockets in the West.

Both are worthy of backing if players like them.

The Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets, Toronto Raptors, and Milwaukee Bucks are the four teams that online bookie agents fear most.

Most agents will use tools provided by companies like PayPerHead to manage NBA Championship odds betting. If you’re interested in going from player to bookie, call a PayPerHead rep at 800-605-4767.

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