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While the NFL has tweaked the format of its draft — the first round takes place on Thursday, the second to third on Friday and last four on Saturday — the basics remain the same and the worst team, the St. Louis Rams, will be selecting first.

Bet 2010 NFL Draft Odds

Oklahoma Sooners QB Sam Bradford is being touted by many as the first-selection overall and seeing as the Rams have released QB Marc Bulger, there seems to be logic to that.

In a recent USA Today mock draft, an eight-analyst panel unanimously predicted that Bradford would be the player that the St. Louis Rams would select in the one-spot.

According to sportsbooks, Bradford is an overwhelming favorite to be No. 1 overall at -1200 and +550 not to be the top pick.

Checking online sportsbook, the Sooners’ signal-caller is also listed at +500 to be the two-pick overall.

There was a movement to award last year’s Heisman Trophy to Nebraska Cornhusker defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Suh didn’t end up winning the award, Alabama’s Mark Ingram did, and wasn’t even the runner-up, that honor would go to Stanford’s Toby Gerhart.

He did benefit from the good press, as he was considered a potential top-pick overall until recently, when Bradford seemed to pull ahead.

Suh is also a possible No. 2 overall, according to a number of 2010 mock draft’s, and is currently listed with draft odds of  -410 to be just that.

Offensive linemen are hugely underrated and one of the top hogs, according to many mock drafts and analysts, is Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung.

All accounts have the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs, who select fourth and fifth overall respectively, very keen on Okung. The odds have the former OSU Cowboy at +150 to be selected second overall.

Tennessee Volunteers strong safety Eric Berry is a player that some say is a Top-10 pick and he is -200 to be taken sixth to ninth overall, +140 to go between 1-5, +300 to go between 10 and 12, +700 to 13th or higher.

Besides Bradford, another quarterback being mentioned is Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Clausen was asked what he would say if he were asked by an NFL team why they should draft him.

One of the reasons, Clausen said, was because he played in a pro-style offense while playing at South Bend and says he won’t travel to New York for the draft but will rather spend time with his grandfather.

The former Charlie Weis student is -150 to go between six and nine in the first-round, +130 to go 10, 11 and 12 overall, +200 to go 13th or higher and +1000 to go in the Top-5.

One of the most intriguing draft prospects is Florida Gator QB Tim Tebow.

There have been some that say that Tebow won’t be able to cut it as a pivot in the NFL.

Furthermore, in a now infamous video clip, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says Tebow won’t ever take the field.

According to the betting odds, Tebow is most likely to be selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars, at +150, and -200 to be a second-rounder.

There is plenty of intrigue going into this year’s NFL draft it should be exciting for those who are betting on all the NFL draft props.

By Chad Rogers

By Chad Rogers

Bet 2010 NFL Draft Odds

Posted: 4/21/10 3:20PM ET

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