How to Find the Perfect Sportsbooks

How to Find the Perfect Sportsbooks for the Major US Sports in 2019

This article may have come out a bit late. But we’re sure that betting degenerates from all over the states (and wider) can still gain extreme value from it and learn how to maximize their profits.

When it comes to betting on the NFL, NBA, NCAA, NHL, MLB or any other league for that matter, there’s one critically important issue. And that issue is finding out where you wager your picks, which could turn out more important than who you will be wagering on.

So, how should you go about finding the ideal book for your bets?

Well, in general, there are some major factors to consider. And then there are some that apply to different sports, which you will find out about soon.

But for starters here are four big ones you should keep in mind:

  • Quick withdrawals: This is what makes-or-breaks every bettor who operates under a tight bankroll. But even those who have a cushy fat one can benefit. After all, who doesn’t want his money in his bank account – in under 48 hours? And today there are online casinos (like who offer instant withdrawals, so why wouldn’t you want something like that in a sportsbook?
  • Variety of markets: This one is simple. The more markets to bet on, the more opportunities to find some edge over the oddsmakers. If you want to niche your way to profits, then pay attention to the array of markets before depositing your money.
  • In-play: Bookies are way sharper and have way more bundles of information pre-game. But as soon as the game takes off, countless opportunities present themselves for the savvy bettor to get a strong edge.
  • Live streaming: Most games from the major leagues are regularly televised so this may not seem important. But it sure would be nice to have high-quality streams at your disposal for each and every game, especially if you are betting in-play.


As America’s favorite pastime sport, football also attracts the most betting action year round. This leaves plenty of space for the sharps to find many value plays throughout the year by simply fading the general public.

But regarding the type of bets you’re trying to make, there are some variables you have to consider first.

Are you going for parlays, teasers or futures to bring you that huge cashout, or are you laser-targeting single games? Do you prefer to bet props or the standard money lines, spreads and totals markets?

Consider all of this so you can hunt down the best offers to scratch your betting itch.


Which betting site is best for betting on hoops? The answer is: It depends. Whether you’re betting on spreads, totals, props, in-play… you have to go through the offers of many bookies to find your profitable niche. But the best option is to shop the lines on multiple sites.

However, if you are looking for the best point spreads then a website like 5dimes is ideal for NBA betting. They offer -105 pricing on their games, which honestly is hard to beat.


When wagering on baseball usually we concern with the big three markets: ML wins, run lines and totals.

Of course, there are the casual bettors that hunt for fun and wild props, futures, grand salamis, innings bets and other offers so they can finally strike that grand home run of payouts. And there are bookies that service those types.

But the pros that run huge bankrolls and prioritize transaction and wager limits above all else need something else. And they naturally need a different kind of sportsbooks – ones that favor the sharps by coming up with the best lines.

Some Interesting Choices

Based on all of the above, we singled out some interesting picks you can check out:

  • Intertops: Typically the strongest edges are found in in-play betting. And Intertops – one of the oldest bookmakers around since 1998 – is a sportsbook that regularly offers the widest assortments of live odds on most games throughout the season.
  • BetOnline: If you’re trying to nail down the biggest sign-up bonus, look no further than BetOnline. It’s hard to find a better free bet offer than their 50% Welcome bonus which can give you up to $1,000 worth of free bets.
  • Pinnacle Sports: Truly the ‘pinnacle’ of betting odds, they are the professional’s best friend since they welcome sharp bettors to enhance their lines. They claim to have the lowest margins compared to the industry average, with 2.5% vig on most of the US sports.
  • Bet365: The bookmaker with the greatest live streaming options. You only need around $10 sitting in your account to access high-quality streams of thousands of games played over the year. Particularly helpful if you are into in-play betting.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer trying to get your feet wet into the betting world, there's a great deal of responsibility in picking the right sportsbook.

Because if you do it right, you narrow the risk factor only to your betting smarts and bankroll management abilities. And those are the only things you have 100% control over.

Choose the wrong sportsbook, and you risk leaving money on the table month-in, month-out. But if you choose the right one, you will squeeze the maximum amount of profit possible from your winning plays.

Good luck!

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