NBA Betting Playoff Betting Strategies

2019 NBA Betting Strategies & How Bookies Will Likely Profit

The NBA Playoffs starts this week, which should give online bookie agents a chance to make a big profit. That means hoops handicappers must be clear about the strategies bookies will use to score those big profits.

This is How Bookies Make Profit On NBA Playoff Action

Check out a few of the things per head agents are looking to do to make money off NBA Playoff betting handicappers.

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1. Offer future betting with max betting limits attached

As of 6 days ago, the Golden State Warriors were a -220 big time favorite to put a beating onto the rest of the NBA in the playoffs. The Warriors remain a huge favorite heading into the playoffs. However, the odds on Milwaukee have drifted lower down to +750.

With only 1 game day left in the NBA Regular Season, Milwaukee is likely to grab homecourt throughout. That makes the Bucks a solid choice to at least win the Eastern Conference.

Pay per head agents will handle this situation by setting max NBA Championship betting limits via their mass editing tools onto the Bucks.

They might open wagering on the Warriors due to Golden State’s underlay odds. NBA bettors should most definitely expect max betting limits on the Bucks, and any other team that ends up in the playoffs, though.

2. NBA Playoffs betting promoted parlays

Most bookie agents will also offer NBA Playoffs promoted parlays. Promoted parlays give bookies advantages.

They allow bookies to choose which NBA Playoff games they wish to put into promoted parlays. Bookmakers can then disallow some other NBA Playoff games from being a part of any player parlays.

For players, promoted parlays are a double-edged sword. Players must only choose among the games in the promoted parlay. That’s a player disadvantage. However, to entice action, bookies often offer higher payouts on promoted parlays.

In the end, it could be worth it for players to wager on any bookie promoted parlays.

3. NBA Playoff individual game betting

Expect your online bookie to definitely promote NBA individual game betting. They’re going to promote action on the most high-profile games, the ones that include Golden State, Houston, and Milwaukee.

It’s about star power in the NBA, which means Golden State, with their bevy of stars, will be the most promoted team during the NBA Playoffs.

James Harden plays for Houston. The reigning MVP is one of the most popular sports stars on the planet. Expect plenty of text messages about Houston Rockets games from your bookie agent.

Also expect text messages and emails about Milwaukee Bucks games. Giannis “The Greek Freak” Antentounkempo plays for Milwaukee. Giannis is the likely MVP, so, bookmakers will want to alert their players when the Bucks step onto the court.

4. Only ATS game in town angle

Three of the four major sports leagues are active right now: the NBA, Major League Baseball, and the NHL. Unfortunately for against the spread bettors, only the NBA offers ATS wagering. \

Expect your online bookie to use this angle to promote action on NBA Playoff games.

Against the spread bettors don’t often wager on handicaps or moneylines. They prefer to continue to make ATS wagers.

Bookies will use this fact, the only game in town angle, to promote action on NBA Playoff games.

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