Can New Tech Transform iGaming?

Can New Technologies Transform iGaming Industry?

What is an online gaming business without modern technology? A business in the igaming sector should deploy technology or disappear.

Every area of the online gaming business relies on current technologies. Besides, internet gaming has been one of the top ways to deal with Covid-19 related boredom at home. Numerous people have been working from home to reduce their chances of catching the nasty virus. During their free time, most of them choose to play internet video games to unwind and make some money.

A gaming business that wants to succeed should grab the attention of these fans by deploying new gaming technologies. Moreover, millions of people have a smartphone that they can use for gaming anytime they want and from anywhere. These people love technology and will prefer to play games provided by the most innovative casinos and developers. Furthermore, technology facilitates not only the process of manufacturing a game but also that of presenting it to players. On top of that, technology quickens online payments as now there are mobile apps. 

How Gaming Technology has Changed Over the Years

Before computers emerged, people would play arcade games. These included a huge, vertical, or horizontal stand with a mounted display, coin slots, and management panels. The machine came complete with internal and external features. People who could afford them kept them in bars and select clubs to make some money with them. 

Gaming consoles have undergone incessant upgrading over the years. Arcade games lost their vibe when consoles emerged in the 1970s. Some people still prefer using a gaming console when playing a video game, even if they have smart devices. 

Personal computers were introduced. Apple II computer, made in 1977 by Apple Computer, became the top preferred private computer for gaming. Its emergence led to the manufacture of graphic, industrial games. As the computer became a common machine in the 1990s and 2000s, a lot of people bought one. This inspired game developers to come up with games that were compatible with the Windows and Apple OS. Today we have online video games that are compatible with mobile technology gadgets. 

Better 3D graphics. Before the introduction of 3D graphics games, there were 2-dimension graphics and text-based graphics. 3D graphics made scenery and characters in video games appear more natural and real. Textures done with 3D computer graphics can capture the player’s attention better and keep their minds focused.

The internet. When the World Wide Web came to be, every facet of life changed. People, as well as businesses from anywhere on earth, could communicate and transact together with ease. That’s when multiplayer games became popular. Today, millions of people from different nations are fond of playing multiplayer online-based games directly on their browsers. Developers also released games that could be downloaded on a computer and then played using a program like Adobe Flash. 

Smartphone games. Games for users of mobile platforms became popular when smartphones emerged and became popular virtually everywhere. Now, most video slot games are compatible with Apple and Android devices, and there is such a big assortment of these.

Technologies Are Taking the Gaming Industry to the Next Level

It is because of advancing technology that gamers can play mobile roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, slot machines, and other types of casino games Сanada players like. Particular technologies have helped the iGaming industry grow and will continue to improve it in the future. These include the following:

Virtual Reality or VR Technology 

Virtual Reality refers to a virtual environment or world that is generated by a computer. It appears to have objects and scenes that look more real. It is applied mainly in the gaming industry, where it helps users feel immersed in their environments. Users can also enter the virtual world and touch it with their hands. Thus, VR:

  • It allows human vs. computer communication with a keyboard, mouse, or touchpad.
  • Creates a virtual world where humans can enter as if it is a physical world and relate with virtual characters with hand gestures. 
  • Allows developers to make use of the advanced 3D graphic effects. 

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

While VR creates virtual, non-existing worlds, AR specifically enhances an existing real world. It comes in the form of filters added to web-based applications like Tiktok or Instagram. In gaming, developers use AR to create more realistic and amusing games. It can:

  • Fuel growth of the internet industry.
  • Enable more people to embrace better gaming devices like smartphones and other portable tools.
  • Ensure that more charming games are designed. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning is another word to describe Artificial Intelligence. AI can:

  • Personalize.
  • Enable strategic automation.
  • Foster reliable payments.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a term that represents the ever-increasing quantity of electronic devices that are connected to the internet to allow data to be sent or received. These are not at all traditional computing gadgets. Devices are used for data collection and are internet-enabled, and have real IP addresses. In gaming, IoT:

  • It is called the Tangible User Interface(TUI). 
  • It is linked with physical gaming sensors.
  • It is linked with land-based casinos to help bring games from a real-world table to a virtual space or the internet.
  • It is linked with mobile phones and tablets. 


Some online casinos are cryptocurrencies-only sites and use blockchain technology to manage tons of transactions data they correct from users. The incorruptible digital ledger makes cryptocurrency a form of online payment work, the common one being Bitcoin. Perhaps soon, developers will add this technology to their products. For instance, players could be awarded bitcoins once they get a winning combo and the whole thing managed with blockchain technology.

Facial Recognition Technology

This technology has enabled developers of video games to design a face avatar that looks just like the face of the real owner. The avatar can come complete with facial expressions and emotions when scanning technology is also applied.

Voice Recognition Technology

This technology makes it possible for the gaming system to recognize and obey the user’s voice commands. Developers using voice recognition technology are driven by the desire to make their games available to everyone. This includes people who cannot use tangible devices like a mouse or a keyboard to play their favorite games online.

Being a hand-free method, speech recognition perfectly addresses the needs of physically challenged people. Their voice commands are often executed on a computer, making game-play easy. It has limitations, though, such as being a bit slow when a game requires quick thinking and action. The processing time necessary to recognize and interpret the spoken phrases leads to delay. 


Throughout this article, we have discussed and explained how various technologies are changing and will continue to improve internet gaming. The game player now has various device options whenever he or she wants to play their favorite slot game online. They can pick up their modern gaming console, computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Due to various technologies, users can expect more mind-boggling and immersive games to continue to come out in the future.

Developers are seriously using technology to produce and deliver better video games and enhance user experiences. They are using 3D computer graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Recognition, Augmented Recognition, Face Recognition, and Voice Recognition, among other gaming technologies, to participate better in the markets and grab the player’s attention.

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