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Casino Personal Experience

I have never played on popular casino slots before. Not because of lack of trust or because I fear to lose all my money.

I consider myself a reasonable person who can control his actions and feelings. I know this because I like to play poker and I do, in fact, place bets from time to time. I don’t think that gambling is a money-making instrument or a good investment. For me, it is just a meditation that helps my brain relax from stress and receive a good dose of dopamine.

Therefore, even though I have some gambling experience, I have never had an authentic online casino experience, and I decided to fix this situation.


First of all, I forgot what winning big feels like. Or, what it feels to win big while gambling, to be more accurate. I stopped gambling in 2018 due to the lack of time - I moved to a new city and focused more on my work opportunities, education, health, and meeting new people. And that year, my gambling life was over. But I remember the happy smile on my face every time I won a bet or a round in a poker game. I was fulfilled with some sort of unseen energy, and, frankly, I haven’t felt the same feeling ever again. Sounds dramatic, but, hey, the good story can’t be told without a bit of drama, right?

Secondly, I simply got tired. I’m not talking about physical tiredness. I’m talking about exhaustion in your head - I guess everybody knows this when after a long day behind your desk, you feel that your head is just a solid rock. I’ve tried to get rid of this feeling by going to the gym, but the global pandemic has changed my plans. So, I thought about returning to gambling because it always helped me clear my mind and relax.

Thirdly, I’ve never stopped monitoring online casino social media accounts. Sometimes some of them publish the most significant wins on their platforms. I was surprised to find out about the man who won 255,000 euros at Frank Casino last October. Such news gives you a little hope that everything is possible, and your big win awaits you! You only need to be lucky! But hope is not practical without some actions.

These three factors gave me a little inspiration to return to the gambling world and set my perspective on the casino gaming experience and what it is like to win?

The start of my journey

At first, I had to choose a casino that I could trust. There are many exciting casinos on the Internet, but I stopped my eyes on cryptocurrency casino Mr.Bit

I’ve heard many good things about this specific platform, so I decided to check it out by myself. Besides, I like their look - the ‘80s futuristic neon lights style. This art style is my sort of thing.

Then I went through an easy registration process and deposited a sum of money that I wasn’t afraid to lose - 45 euros. By the way, I received a “Welcome Bonus” that I can use in the slot “Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx” - additional 45 euros and 50 Freespins. It was a pleasant “casino gift experience.” I have felt lucky already. By the way, in their «Promotion» section there are a lot more bonuses, not only for beginners.

Another positive detail of this platform is a significant library of slot games, including my favorites - Texas Holdem Poker. But I decided to start with “Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx” due to the bonuses I had already received.

My road to glory

I was ready to start. In my mind, I can see a picture of my victory. I haven’t felt such an adrenaline rush for a long time. I pushed a button. Nothing. Another spin. Nothing. And another one. Still nothing.

I just pushed the button and looked at the items. Finally, I got something. Forty cents for three images of some emeralds - it’s not bigger, but better than nothing! I continued to play.

I was calm and relaxed - this is interesting because, as I have already mentioned, I haven’t been in such a state for a while, and I was glad that this feeling had finally returned to me.

I won another 40 cents. Then 1.80 euros. Then 4.90 euros.

Then my luck disappeared again, and I lost ten times in a row. Anyway, I still believed that it was my day.

I’ve spent two hours in the game. All Freespins and bonuses are gone, but I still got my money.

Spin. Nothing. Another spin. Nothing. Another one. Still nothing.

Suddenly the fireworks appeared on my screen. I won 22,6 euros.

Not the biggest jackpot in the history of Mr Bit, I guess, but it was a win. My win. I heard a scream of victory in my head. I wanted more.

But I stopped. For me, it was enough for that day. I looked at my account - 46,2 euros. In the end, the sum that I won was one euro and two cents. Someone might say that this is not a good result, but I disagree with that. I saved my money, and I got this unique online casino gaming experience that lifted my spirit.

I felt good, and it was much more important than a big win.

That was enough for me for that day.

I’m going to play again in a week. Maybe, Lady Luck will recognize me and stay by my side a little longer, and I also could win 255,000 euros.

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