DWTS Season 10 Odds

Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars gets underway tonight and nobody has more odds than BroburySports.com.

Bet 2010 Dancing with the Stars Odds

Besides these odds, you can wager on whether a man or woman will win. Those odds are minus 120 each.

Evan Lysacek (5:4)

Lysacek, an American figure skater, brings a skill set that translates well into DWTS. He’s the solid favorite right now at almost Even odds.

Nicole Scherzinger (3:2)

The favorite of all the women, Scherzinger is best known as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. Her dance experience will certainly help out.

Erin Andrews (2:1)

The ESPN television personality isn’t backing down from the spotlight despite her ordeal with a stalker. She certainly has the looks to get the job done.

Chad Ochocinco (3:1)

The colorful Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver is trying to follow in the footsteps of running back Emmitt Smith, who won this event in Season 3.

Aiden Turner (10:1)

The odds for the other contestants really start to drop here. The English actor, formerly on All My Children, looks to have some upside at 10/1.

Pamela Anderson (10:1)

The former Baywatch star is known for a couple of big assets, but that’s not likely to help here. She may be a little overvalued at these odds.

Jake Pavelka (10:1)

Pavelka has already shown his ‘moves’ in The Bachelor television show, and now gets to display them in a different and more difficult venue.

Shannon Doherty (15:1)

The former star of 90210 has never been very popular with her co-stars and that’s not likely to change. She can’t be too happy about these odds.

Kate Gosselin (20:1)

Everyone loves her kids and hates her husband. She’s somewhere in between and a long shot to win this competition.

Buzz Aldrin (50:1)

The former astronaut, and second man to land on the moon, has a better chance of returning there than winning DWTS.

Bet 2010 Dancing with the Stars Odds

Posted: 3/23/10 4:30PM ET


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