How Bookies Profit off March Madness

How Bookies Make A Profit off March Madness Brackets

With NCAA March Madness comes March Madness Bracket Contests. Most every NCAA Basketball fan, and even those who aren’t fans, will fill out a March Madness Bracket.

Bookies Everywhere Are Starting Their Bracket Contests—How Do You Profit?

Although your online bookie agent might not offer a March Madness Bracket for you to fill out, they’re going to use March Madness Bracket fervor to increase action in their sportsbooks.

Check out how bookies intend on capitalizing on bracket craziness!

1. Run their own March Madness Bracket Contest

Some will run their own March Madness Bracket Contest. Usually, the per head agent will offer the bracket contest in a pool form.

What’s a pool form? Everybody who participates puts into the pool. The winner of the bracket contest gets the most money, second place gets second most, third place gets third most, etc.

To sweeten the pot, some bookies will add extra money to the pool.

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2. Promote parlays based around top March Madness games

Because most players fill out March Madness brackets, per head agents can capitalize on those brackets by promoting parlays around the top March Madness games.

For example, if Duke is the most popular team on most brackets, which they most likely will be this season, online bookies will promote parlays that include Duke’s battle with the 16-seed play in teams, North Carolina Central and North Dakota State.

3. Bracket Promoted Parlays

Pay per head agents might also promote individual bracket parlays. There are 4 different regions with 8 round 1 games in each region. Against the spread betting lines are set, or will be set, for every game.

Bookies could promote a Midwest Region Round 1 Parlay, East Region Round 1 Parlay, South Region Round 1 Parlay, or West Region Round 1 Parlay. If they promote the West Region Round 1 Parlay, they’ll add the following games:

  • Gonzaga vs Farleigh-Dickinson
  • Syracuse vs Baylor
  • Marquette vs Murray State
  • Florida State vs Vermont
  • Buffalo vs Arizona State/St.John’s
  • Texas Tech vs Northern Kentucky
  • Nevada vs Florida
  • Michigan vs Montana

Promoting an 8 game parlay could expose online bookies, though. They’ll most likely cut risk by taking 4 games from each bracket and putting those into the promoted parlay.

4. You Choose the Bracket Buster Contest

Per head agents might also run a You Choose the Bracket Buster Contest where they tell their players that the player with the most winning wagers on a 6-seed or higher to cover at the end of March Madness wins bonus money.

Although many pay per head agents won’t offer a March Madness Bracket Contest, they’ll most definitely find ways to increase action and profit off bracket mania.

Astute players can make money off all the ways online bookies intend on increasing action.

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