In-Running Betting

March Madness betting doesn’t end at tip-off thanks to’s InRunning schedule.

Bet 2010 March Madness Odds

In a first for the company, Brobury is offering InRunning betting for every NCAA tournament game on Thursday and Friday, including halftime props. This allows you to place a bet after the game has started.

See the entire schedule here

There will be 32 games played the next two days and too many good ones to mention. Several favored teams will be upset, with the No. 5 seeds notorious for going down to No. 12’s.

“Betting on a game after it starts really gives the player a great advantage,” said Chris Brobury. “You get to see how your team is playing, and get a better feel for what the ultimate outcome will be.”

In-Running wagering has been growing in popularity every since football season, and it’s expected to break all previous levels for March Madness. Give it a try and see how exciting this option can be.

Sign-up now at BroburySports for 64% in Total Bonuses as the tournament begins in just a few hours!

Bet 2010 March Madness Odds

Posted: 3/18/10 8:50PM ET

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