Selection Sunday: Odds & Predictions

Selection Sunday: Odds and Predictions From Your Online Bookies

Selection Sunday happens this March 17. That’s only a few days away, meaning your online bookie agents are getting ready for the second most important sports betting event of the year, the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

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Now, check out the odds and predictions the per head agents are making. Then, check out how they’re going to manage March Madness betting action.

Updated NCAA Tournament Odds

  • Duke+210
  • Gonzaga+800
  • Virginia+800
  • Kentucky+900
  • North Carolina+1100
  • Tennessee+1100
  • Michigan+1200
  • Michigan State+1400
  • Nevada+2500
  • Kansas+2800
  • Texas Tech+3500
  • Iowa State+4000
  • LSU+4000
  • Wisconsin+4000
  • Houston+5000
  • Marquette+5000

The odds are up to date to March 12.

However, something happened on March 12 that should drastically change the odds.

Gonzaga Loses to St. Mary’s

The St. Mary’s Gaels beat the Zags 60-47 on Tuesday night. That puts Gonzaga in a terrible position.

The Bulldogs, because they were the 1-ranked team in the nation, were on track for a 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament. Not anymore.

First, you can’t lose to a team like St. Mary’s at any point during the season and still expect a 1-seed.

Second, you can’t lose the way the Zags did, by only scoring 47 points, and expect a 1-seed.

The loss could drop the Zags to a 3-seed and they’re likely to end up in a different bracket other than the West. Per head agents will adjust accordingly.

They most likely will raise Gonzaga’s odds to at least +1400, Michigan State’s current odds.

Zion Will Play in the ACC Tournament

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said that Zion Williamson, the best player in college basketball, should be ready for the ACC Tournament this week.

If Zion is ready and plays and Duke wins the ACC Tournament, the Blue Devils become the top overall seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Bookie agents will most definitely drop Duke’s Tournament odds to +190 or less. Take the +210 on the Blue Devils if you feel their odds end up going south.

Michigan State in Line for a 1-Seed

The Michigan State Spartans lost to Indiana a couple of weeks ago. No problem.

Since then, they’ve completed the sweep over rival Michigan. If the Spartans win the deepest conference tournament in the nation, the Big Ten Tournament, they’ll almost be assured a 1-seed after Gonzaga went down to St. Mary’s.

Pay per head agents should have already dropped betting odds on Michigan State from +1400 to around +1100, or, maybe, even lower than that.

Online Bookies are Scared of Texas Tech and Houston

Per head agents are most definitely scared the most of the Houston Cougars at +5000 and the Texas Tech Red Raiders at +3500. Texas Tech is the class of the Big 12.

If they win the Big 12 and Michigan State doesn’t win the Big Ten, the Red Raiders would have a case for a 1-seed. Houston should win the AAC.

Before decrying the AAC as a bad conference, we can’t forget that Houston ranks tenth and as of last week the AAC had 4 teams headed to the NCAA Tournament.

If Houston wins the AAC, they won’t get a 1-seed, but they will get an advantageous draw as a 2-seed likely in the South or Midwest. Both the Cougars and Red Raiders can win the NCAA Tournament.

Online bookies will set max betting limits on both teams as well as, possibly, drop their odds before the weekend’s over.

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