Madness Seeding History

The teams for March Madness have been announced, and this is the perfect time to look at the top seeds and the history. Here’s the instant analysis from

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East Region

Kentucky (1), West Virginia (2), New Mexico (3), Wisconsin (4), Temple (5), Marquette (6), Clemson (7), Texas (8).

No. 1 seeds like Kentucky have dominated the last three years, with North Carolina, Kansas and Florida winning the title. No. 1 seeds really dominated in 2008, will all of them making the Final Four. That was the first time it happened.

No. 1 seeds have a 100-0 straight-up (SU) record in the tourney’s first round dating back to 1985.

West Region

Syracuse (1), Kansas State (2), Pittsburgh (3), Vanderbilt (4), Butler (5), Xavier (6), BYU (7), Gonzaga (8).

Kansas State is the most dangerous of the No. 2 seeds. However, an average of just one No. 2 seed per year has made the Final Four since 2001. The last one to win the championship was Connecticut in 2004.

No. 2 seeds have a 96-4 SU record in the tourney’s first round dating back to 1985.

Midwest Region

Kansas (1), Ohio State (2), Georgetown (3), Maryland (4), Michigan State (5), Tennessee (6), Oklahoma State (7), UNLV (8).

Georgetown is one of the No. 3 seeds. Six No. 3 seeds have made the Final Four over the last nine years. Two recent No. 3 seeds have become champion with Florida in 2006 and Syracuse in 2003. The Florida squad had more talent than the seed suggests, while Syracuse was carried by current NBA star Carmelo Anthony.

No. 3 seeds have an 85-15 SU record in the tourney’s first round dating back to 1985.

South Region

Duke (1), Villanova (2), Baylor (3), Purdue (4), Texas A&M (5), Notre Dame (6), Richmond (7), California (8).

Purdue is a current No. 4 seed. A No. 4 seed hasn’t made the Final Four since 2006 (LSU). The only national champion to come as a fourth seed was way back in 1997 with Arizona. Mike Bibby was the star. 

The only seeds lower than a No. 4 to win the national title were Kansas (No. 6 in 1988) and Villanova (No. 8 in 1985).

No. 4 seeds have a 79-21 SU record in the tourney’s first round dating back 1985.

Other first rounds records since 1985.

No. 5 seeds 66-34 record over No. 12 seeds.

No. 6 seeds 69-31 record over No. 11 seeds.

No. 7 seeds 61-39 record over No. 10 seeds.

No. 9 seeds 54-46 over No. 8 seeds (lower seed wins more often)

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