Joshua vs Parker - A Quick Overview

Joshua vs Parker - A quick overview

As boxing and fighting enthusiasts everywhere must be already aware, the current IBF world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua takes on the WBA champion, Joseph Parker in a winner-takes-all fight scheduled for March 31, in the Principality Stadium, at Cardiff, UK.

Anyone interested in betting on this fight can avail a good number of Anthony Joshua free bets offers and gain plenty of value from his/her punts. Let’s quickly go over the other pertinent details of this fight.

Past records

Anthony Joshua comes into this fight with an unbeaten 20-0 record, and all those victories coming through knockouts. Joseph Parker, the New Zealand-based fighter also has an unbeaten record so far, but his 24-0 record comprises of not-so-bad 18 knockouts (which is less impressive compared to Joshua’s victories).

Head-to-head stats

Strengths – It is common news that Anthony Joshua is well on his way to become one of the most looked-up-to heavyweight boxers of all time. Joshua has many things going in his favour including power, speed, IQ and footwork to destroy even the most feared opponents. On the other hand, Joseph Parker also holds an unbeaten record and many know him for his strong chin.

Weaknesses – There are hardly any flaws in Anthony Joshua’s game, apart from a few minor issues here and there. When it comes to Parker, one of his well-known weaknesses is his inability to counter-attack at a quick pace.


A good number of off-line and online bookmakers are already making their own Joshua vs Parker predictions, based on their own reviews of these two world-class boxers. While Joshua seems well on course to cement his place as one of the best boxers in the world, Parker looks all set to give him stiff competition. Regardless, the odds offered by a large majority of bookies suggest that Joshua would comfortably win this fight.

Insights to help you make the most of Joshua vs Parker encounter

Although Deontay Wilder has been ripping into Joshua time and again, the fact remains that Joshua is yet to be defeated in his career. Joseph Parker also holds the same record; but if we closely look at his recent fights, they haven’t been as impressive as that of Joshua’s. As Parker seems to not have the best of the counter-attacking strategies, Joshua’s excellent punching power would most likely have the last say in this bout.

Joshua would show all the willingness to move on to the next level in his career and put his name into the boxing history books by becoming the best heavyweight fighter in the world. As he’d be fighting in his own backyard, many bookies are counting on him as a solid pick for victory.


Joseph Parker hasn’t been scoring many knockout victories of late; his last one came as long ago as 2016. Even though Parker is physically as fit as Joshua, the latter comes into the fight with an amazing record and almost all the qualities that make him a formidable opposition. 


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